Batman: the celebrations for the 80th anniversary in Giffoni and Milan


Published on Jul 25, 2019


The 2019 is a year of celebrations for Batman, for his success in comics, on television, in movies and in video games. On Wednesday evening, before a crowd of over 400 people, including fans, celebrities and artists, the Cavalierie Dark was ideally celebrated.

“Batman is real to those who appeal to the strength and resilience to move forward. It is a superpower. There are other ways to describe it,” said the Publisher and Chief Creative Officer of DC Jim Lee, accepting on behalf of Batman the role of the candidate opening the Character Hall of Fame of the Comic-con Museum.

The ceremony was the culminating event of “The Gathering”, an event's “black carpet” in the future headquarters of the Museum in the Balboa Park of San Diego, as well as the first fundraiser of the Comic-con Museum, which will officially be inaugurated in 2021. It was also a preview of “The Batman Experience Powered by AT&T”, a huge exhibition with the largest collection of props, costumes and vehicles related to Batman, which will be exhibited at the Museum during the SDCC.

The evening was a chance to celebrate the 80 years of Batman, they were in the middle of a celebration lasting one year and which included activations at events such as WonderCon and the South by Southwest, the partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of America, and the recent historic visit in Kuwait that has brought the Batmobile “Tumbler” in the five military bases in the u.s., in collaboration with the USE.

“Batman connects with everyone, no matter from which part of the world you come from: Batman is the hero of all,” said Pam Lifford, President of the Warner Bros. Brands and Experiences. “That's why, has great resonance through any medium: comics, cartoons, TV programs, toys, video games, even the rides at the theme and stamps. Batman is everywhere”.

On the eve of the fiftieth Comic-con in San Diego and in front of a room full of authors and artists who have contributed to the creation of the Batman character and his iconic stories in the comic books, the Publisher of DC, Dan DiDio has explained how Batman has begun with the publications and to continue with the publications.

“Comics are the testing laboratory for Batman. It is the moment in which we take risks, where we experience new ideas, new concepts, and plots,” said DiDio. “These experiments, in their turn, inspire other artists, filmmakers and writers. I like to see that the stories we have worked on become the basis for other media such as video games, movies, and TV programs”.

After the ceremony and throughout the night guests were able to see and interact with items amazing of the Batman Experience, including:

• The Dark Knight Dive, an experience of indoor skydiving is unique in its kind, in which the fans are placed in the role of Batman as he chases the Scarecrow in the skies of Gotham City.

• The Batcave Gaming Lounge, where there were all generations of video games and arcade games of Batman straight from the archives of DC.

• Hundreds of rare pieces of works of art of the comics and illustrations of the iconic DC, and props for feature films and television programs.

• The Rogue Gallery Rumble, an interactive experience of a punching bag that with projection mapping and lights triggered animations and sounds classic, and iconic, which are propagated throughout the surrounding space.

• A statue of Batman in black-and-white 1 meter and 80, commissioned from the famous artist and writer Todd McFarlane, who represents the one hundredth object from the collection of the line that goes back to 2005. The statue at the end of the evening, was auctioned, and the proceeds were intended for the Comic-con Museum.

Friday, July 26, will continue the celebrations in Italy, the Giffoni Film Festival, where Warner Bros. and DC Comics will celebrate the Dark Knight at 16 with a Masterclass from the title #Batman80 – the Myth of The Dark Knight that lit up the world of Comics, moderated by Manlio Castagna and held by DC artist Carmine Di Giandomenico. At 17 you will then be presented, in national preview, Batman: Hush, the anime adaptation of one of comics most beloved and acclaimed, which will be available from 20 August preview of the exclusive on Infinity, even in 4K UHD. The day dedicated to the Batman ending, finally, with the projection of the last episode of the fifth and final season of Gotham (in onda su Premium Action is available on Infinity).

That's not all. Direct from Gotham City comes Batman: 80 Years of Technology”, to celebrate 80 years of the superhero's most iconic in the history, until the 10th of September at the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci of Milan (via San Vittore 21).

Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of comics of the Dark Knight, with dozens of rare and curious original books (the americans, from the 40's to the present, a historical-critical focus on the Bat-Technology.

The story is interwoven with a selection of the pages, the cartoons, the covers, which have expressed with greater force this side of “Tech”, also reported as a scenographic element of the exhibition.

Thirteen original works of high prestige, great artists at the international level – Milo Manara, Gabriele dell'otto, Simone Bianchi, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Bill Sienkiewicz, complete the exhibition. A rare interview made by the journalist Vincenzo Mollica by Bob Kane – creator of Batman – will also find out directly from the mouth of the creator of all the inspirations and dreams that have led to the birth of the Bat Man.

The entrance to the exhibition is included in the ticket of the Museum (full 10 euro, reduced 7,50).

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 10-18 | Saturday and public holidays 10-19

Batman: the celebrations for the 80th anniversary in Giffoni and Milan




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