Batman Returns: Michelle Pfeiffer talks about the problems with his costume Catwoman


Published on Jun 20, 2017


The actress is recently back to talk about her portrayal of Catwoman in Batman Returns and of the “inconvenient” memories of her costume

It was just the summer of 25 years ago when Batman Returns made its debut in u.s. movie theaters, confirming the film of Tim Burton as one of the best films on the Bat, a success that surpassed even the previous movie Batman (1989) always directed by the same Burton.

Michelle Pfeiffer, the fascinating interpreter of Selina Kyle-Catwoman, one of the most popular of the film in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, is back to talk about his role and in particular his famous costume, which has caused not a few problems:

Was the costume the most uncomfortable I have ever worn. At the beginning I often had to help with talc to make me enter into the costume before the verniciassero with silicone to make it shiny. Another problem is that you couldn't go in the bathroom with the costume I'm wearing, and the mask bothered me, and I choked.

Despite all these problems, for the beautiful actress it was an honor to wear the clothes (albeit inconvenient) of Catwoman, considering the fact that he was called to replace Annette Bening was the first choice of the casting for the part:

As a young girl I was completely obsessed with Catwoman. When I heard that Tim was going to do a Batman film with Catwoman and the actress was already chosen, I was really bad. Then it was discovered that Annette Bening was pregnant and could not play the role, and then I was chosen I. I was really excited.

What do you think? Do not find that the interpretation of Michelle Pfeiffer has been very convincing and in line with the idea of “burtoniana” of the film? Please let us know with your comment below.

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