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Published on Jul 22, 2019


For his 35th animated movie, the 13th in the midst of the DC Animated Movie Universe, DC and Warner Bros. Animation draw from what is probably the story arc batman the most famous of the last 20 years or Hush that was a viaticum for the landing in the wonderful world of comics – including this writer – thanks to its fast pace, the incredible cast of heroes and villain involved and especially thanks to the stellar pencils of Jim Lee at the height of his artistic maturity.

Will be managed DC and Warner Bros. Animation to render in animated form the same pathos of the corrispottivo comics this Batman: Hush?

Batman foils a kidnapping perpetrated by Bane discovering who the true instigator is in fact Poison Ivy. On his way, however, there is also Catwoman, who has subtracted the money of the ransom to deliver them right to the villain.

After you have discovered to be under the effect of the toxins Ivy, Catwoman asks Batman to join in the hunt that will take them even in Metropolis where Superman has fallen victim to the toxins. After a rischiosissimo clash the two will become convinced that the conspiracy is wider than it seemed in appearance.

Meanwhile, Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne start dating, interweaving their lives with those of their respective alter-ego masked: that of Batman, the time has come of the much-craved peace and quiet?

It seems not because of the mysterious new actor in the stage for Gotham called Hush and it seems to know that Bruce Wayne and Batman are the same person, so much murder, using the Joker, the childhood friend of the billionaire Thomas Elliott.

Who is hiding behind the bandages of Hush? The discovery, and the final battle will Batman and Catwoman definitely separate their ways.

“Cloying” is the first adjective that comes to mind at the end of the 82-minute duration of Batman: Hush pale adaptation of the story arc comics, of which the large lines only recovers the plot, preferring to repeatedly tack on the territories of the “original” results are nothing short of the deficit.

This choice penalizes first of all, the screenplay, erratic, and directed that he can never really establish a good rhythm while trying to imitate the “procedural” of the counterparty comics.

Inexplicable the decision to use the under-romantic storyline of the relationship between Batman and Catwoman as the guiding thread of the whole story – perhaps to keep an eye on the recent vicissitudes of the comics – as well as that of the twist tied to the identity of the villain, absurd, and not even as functional as the screenplay basted that to the end then it is slender and free of stain which unique flicks are some quote and beat well placed.

You save really a little of Batman: Hush, and what you save is all on a technical level. Discreet work to the voice acting, although not reaching levels of excellence as in other films, while very good, is the character design, which incorporates the original comic book, choice very apt.

The work to the choreography of the action scenes is remarkable, as well as those for the animations, this last one is very above average compared to the last films with a level of fluidity and attention to detail remarkable.

In the definitive Batman: Hush is a movie that is forgettable, insubstantial, and disappointing that does not do justice to the comics which inspired it and can not even provide you with a version of the “magazine” can be appreciated as such. A worrying backward step for the production of the animated DC and Warner Bros.: the case of return from one side to the scripts completely original from one side and adaptation, very faithful to the other?

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