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Published on Dec 11, 2018


It was the marriage's most talked about (and spoilerato) of the world of comics, the one between Batman and Catwoman. An event that fans have been waiting for a long time, but no author until now had had the courage to “celebrate”...

It took Tom King, the current blasonatissimo writer of Batman so that Bruce Wayne should go up, and finally to the altar, to take the hand of Selina Kyle, after a continuous chase each other without ever being together really.

This epoch-making event in the history of Man-Bat has yet to be published here in Italy, but in the meantime, as an appetizer, you can enjoy the Batman Annual #2 in a special issue released on the occasion of Batman Day, or the day that each year is dedicated to the celebration of the Dark Knight in all the world.

In this album, also written by King, we are witnessing precisely the particular courtship that has always characterized the love story between the two. A kind of dance, that can sometimes seem like a combat in which one chases perpetually the other, and vice versa.

They are two kindred spirits, and for this they feel a strong mutual attraction, although Batman initially struggling to spiegarselo and test almost fear, as a feeling so pure and deep, the upsets, makes it fragile and vulnerable, which is something that is absolutely not used! Catwoman is a thief, and he is not concentrated solely against those who commit crimes, but she was to be the same to make him understand that in the end the two of them are not so different...

Both are orphans and have had to deal with the pain of loneliness and lack of affection, with a sense of emptiness that you leave inside. Both want justice and they want to help the most vulnerable. And to do this, wear a mask, to operate above the law, and according to their rules, because the law is not always enough.

Batman eventually realizes that Catwoman is the only woman who really understood, who was able to dig deep into his soul, exposing its fragility. Only she can understand why she wears the mask every day and carries out its mission. Only you can accept such a life.

King, with his style delicate and direct, can very well represent this relationship so special and rough, in which, as always, is the woman to lead the game, and even a man hard and irreproachable as Bruce Wayne is displaced and at the mercy of events.

Being a single story, and extra length, writing very decompressed King here does not bother them and also his dialogues, sometimes redundant, this time, are functional to the poetics of the plot, which runs through the various stages of the life of the two protagonists.

Do not expect, therefore, a classic superhero story, but a sweet story that talks about feelings, without being cheesy or out of place. It is a love story between two special people, who do extraordinary acts, but in this case it have to do with passions and feelings are very common, to all of us.

Apt also the choice of designers, that is, Lee Weeks, and Michael Lark. The first one has a very classic style, so perfect to represent the various encounters between the two protagonists, that takes place in a past not very clear, where Batman still wears knickers and Catwoman has her costume grey also seen in the infamous animated series by Bruce Timm.

One of the most precise and realistic Lark, instead, is in charge of “the futurist” and the most melancholy of the story, when Bruce and Selina are now elderly. A circle that closes, that the artist depicts in a delicate and touching.

If you are a fan of the King and of his handling of the Bat, or only for the hopeless romantics who have always dreamed of seeing the Dark Knight and the Cat together, I highly recommend you retrieve this special issue of the Batman Day, as it is a perfect picture of their love story.

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