Batman: Damn, Lee Bermejo is not liked in the Italian edition


Published on Nov 21, 2019


RW Lion holds many years the rights of the publication in Italy of comics DC Comics and, therefore, it was also the publisher of Batman: Damned, the label DC Black Label.

The Italian edition, however, is not liked (to put it mildly) to the artist Lee Bermejo, who has harshly criticised by a story on Instagram:”As always, the Italian edition of the DAMNED is the worst. Printed smaller than the original size, bad design, and in addition the old covers that do not find space in the work. But that s**t”.

The comment may be ignored, or pass as a “whim of the author”, but to a position so the net should reflect the insiders on the idea that they have abroad in the comics market sector.

Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo go back to work on the Dark Knight with a work that is already entered in the history of american comics! A history of horror and the supernatural that begins with... the Joker's dead!!! But who was it? Batman?

Some dark force that lurks in Gotham? The Dark Knight (can't remember what happened, and tries to clarify it, the more he doubts what his mind makes him see. The only one who can help him is John Constantine!

The odd couple penetrates in the criminal underworld of Gotham in a race against time to discover the truth about who killed the worst enemy of Batman! Comes in a single volume, the first new history of the DC Black Label!

The dynamic duo Azzarello – Bermejo returns to represent one of the stories of Batman's most non-conformist of the past few years. The style of narration, neo-noir Brian Azzarello is perfectly complemented by the tables to the limit of photorealism in painting of Lee Bermejo.

Batman: Damn, Lee Bermejo is not liked in the Italian edition is




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