Batman and Robin: from where was born the famous meme of the slap


Published on May 05, 2020


Any visitor to the network you will be undefeated in the meme seemingly ubiquitous in which Batman slaps Robin, who usually comes up with one of his phrases that explain the reason for which Bruce reacts badly. But why is Batman slapped Robin from where comes the scene?

The image is taken from the pages of World's Finest Comics #153, published in 1965. The story is an “imaginary story” of DC, basically a story, a “What If?...” that sees Batman and Superman as mortal enemies.

Thomas Wayne is still alive in this story and has just created a cure for the Kryptonite Green. A young Bruce Wayne is thrilled at the arrival of Superboy, who asks for the serum, anticipating an attack of Lex Luthor; but Wayne claims to have not done enough testing and Superboy, frustrated, and flies away.

That night, Bruce finds his father dead in his laboratory, and a lack of serum. All that he sees of the killer is a strip of red and blue as it flies out the window with super-speed. This event – and not a robbery in Crime Alley – is what leads Bruce to devote his life to the fight against crime – and to deliver to the kryptonian justice.

The years pass while Bruce trains to become Batman, taking on finally Dick Grayson as his sidekick. While Batman plans a trip to Metropolis to take down his enemy, Robin intervenes, insisting on the fact that Superboy (now Superman) would never killed an innocent. And then comes the slap in the face... with Robin, who says he wanted to leave Batman.

Batman uses the machine for the hypnosis to erase the memory of Robin, preserving the secret identity of Wayne, first to stop the collaboration. The rest of the story sees Batman get a belt that allows him to fly, working with Luthor – even revealing his secret identity to the villain – and finally sacrificing her life to save Superman once realized the truth... a robot with the likeness of Superboy was responsible for the death of his father... and it was a robot of the justice league.

A cartoon that has been forgotten by now, but that single fragment has taken on a life of its own, inspiring countless memes...

Batman and Robin: from where was born the famous meme of the slap is




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