Batman: after King, arriving Ellis/Hitch and Bendis?


Published on May 24, 2019


After the bombshell of the removal of Tom King from the main series of Batman, revealed in the preview from Bleeding Cool, several other portals have given us “confirmation” claiming to have also their sources safe.

The King himself published a tweet that does not leave too many doubts in this regard: “So many kind comments. Split all.”

So many kind notes. You all rock.

— Tom King (@TomKingTK) May 22, 2019

Also, several retailers, such as Ryan Higgins, have confirmed the news stating, as a source directly to DC Comics.

“Heard directly from the DC, the run on Batman, Tom King will conclude towards the end of the year, deprived of his much-discussed ride up to 100 numbers. He has other projects coming up in the house DC, which will be announced in the coming months.”

Heard from DC directly, Tom King's Batman run is ending at towards the end of the year, short of his long-talked-about 100 issue run. He has more projects coming up from DC which will be announced in the coming months.

— Ryan Higgins (@RyanHigginsRyan) May 22, 2019

The reasons for this decision may be many, but surely the will of the author is not one of these. Many important leaders in the house, DC was not simply willing his run, especially the Editor-in-Chief, Bob Harras, was very much annoyed by the work of Tom King.

Also, the decline in sales of the series could have influenced heavily in the decision: from the usual 100,000 copies, we got about 87,000 (as reports Comics Beat). This could be due to the current story arc where Batman is trapped in a series of Nightmares, but above all, this decline could result from the operations of marketing are far too risky for the non-marriage between Batman and Catwoman.

Finally, the straw that may have made the camel's back are the plans for the final part of the series: “What will we do for the last 15 numbers is something that no one has ever seen on the character”. The statements about have made very a stir, coming to define this a sea change for the character. Someone may not have appreciated this direction.

Another revelation bomb from Bleeding Cool, which could prove to be true, is that it was already nominated a successor, which is linked to DC Comics through an exclusive contract, which will arrive in the series with the number #100. No name was made, but recently DC has arrived in exclusive a big name ripped directly to the competition of the house of Marvel, in good and in evil, he has made history in the last 20 years: Brian Michael Bendis.

With regard to the gap between the #85 and the #100, it is easy to think that the project signed by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch Batman could land directly in the main series.

These are not the only possible names, other authors papabili as successors of Tom King are: Joshua Williamson, Tom Taylor, Sean Murphy, Mark Russell, Tim Seeley, Cecil Castellucci, Dan Jurgens, Bryan Hill, Christopher Priest, James Tynion IV, Peter Tomasi, Joelle Jones, or Scott Lobdell.

The news, albeit with different confirmations from various sources, still remains without an official character, and without a clear statement from the author. What we do know for certain is that Tom King has several projects in the works for DC Comics and that, therefore, his career in the publishing house is still long.

Tom King is the acclaimed writer of works such as the Vision, the Omega Men, the Sheriff of Babylon", and Grayson. It landed on the main series of Batman at the beginning of the relaunch weblog Rebirth.

Batman: after King, arriving Ellis/Hitch and Bendis? is




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