Batgirl: Warner takes over the development of the film, is looking for a director for Birds of Prey


Published on Apr 10, 2018


The Hollywood Reporter announced that Christina Hodson has been hired by Warner Bros. to write the movie on Batgirl. The Hodson wrote Bumblebee, a spin-off of Transformers, and has worked on the screenplay of the Birds of Prey.

The Wrap adds that Warner has approved the script, Birds of Prey and is looking for a director for the film.

Joss Whedon, director of the first two Avengers, and additional filming of the Justice League, has left the project in Batgirl last February, saying: “Batgirl is a very exciting project. Warner and DC have been very collaborative partners and great support. I took me months to understand that I did not have a history. I am grateful to Geoff Johns, the president of the DC, and Toby Emmerich, President of the Warners Picture Group, and to all those who have been so welcoming when I arrived and you were so understanding when I... is there a better word than ‘failed’?”

A film about Batgirl was not in the plans of Warner Bros., until Whedon has not proposed a subject for adaptation. The production house would take a woman director.

Batgirl should see the presence of other characters in the world of Gotham City. Among the other films in the Bat-family is currently in development include The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves, with Ben Affleck; Nightwing, directed by Chris McKay; Gotham City Sirens, directed by David Ayer; Suicide Squad 2, directed by Gavin O'connor, Joker & Harley Quinn and the stand-alone on the Joker produced by Martin Scorsese.

Batgirl is Barbara Gordon, librarian and daughter of commissioner Gordon. The career of another was cut short by the Joker in the famous graphic novel The Killing Joke, by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland, when the crazy opponent of Batman shot her in the back leaving her paralyzed. Barbara became Oracle, a living database of the DC Comics heroes. The mantle of Batgirl is passed on to Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown. Barbara is back to being Batgirl after the reboot of the New 52.

Batgirl: Warner takes over the development of the film, is looking for a director for Birds of Prey is




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