Bastard, a special project for the 30 years of the manga


Published on Feb 19, 2018


The number 3 of the magazine Ultra Jump, published by Shueisha announces a small special initiative to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the series Bastard!! of Kazushi Hagiwara: starting from the next issue, on sale from 19 March, the pages of the monthly magazine will host each month a picture tribute to the work of young authors.

It starts with Towoji Honojiro, a collective of authors, the notes for one-shot, shonen-ai such as Kubi No Nai Hana and Separation come out in 2016 on the magazine Work of Akaneshinsha.

Publishing phenomenon of the 90's, the Bastard!! he made his debut on the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump in 1988; in 2001 he was transferred to Ultra Jump. The series, from the publication rather irregular, it stops from 2012 to volume 27.

In the meantime, they have seen the light of a re-edition of the deluxe large-format (9 volumes), and an edition bunko (9 volumes); from January 2017, the chapters of the work are reproduced from the beginning on the digital edition of Ultra Jump.

Between 1992 and 1993 studies, the AIC (Bubblegum Crisis, Tenchi tenchi muyo) have created an adaptation animated in 6 OVA.

In Italy, The Bastard!! it is published by Planet Manga, both in the classical edition of the volumes both in the deluxe edition; the OVA were published by Yamato Video VHS.

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Bastard, a special project for the 30 years of the manga is




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