Barbara Palombelli new queen of mezziogiorno: Forum fly above the 18% share


Published on Sep 28, 2018


Mediaset enjoys this primacy: in the range from 11.30 to 13 dominates in absolute mode and then continue in the afternoon, rounding the ratings of competitors direct, Rai 1. Channel 5 with his battleship winning, shows up in the morning, the Italian convinced. Go to the great Federica Panicucci and Francis Old, even if the Morning Five is not the program's most-watched of its kind, is in fact beaten by Eleonora Daniele with his Italian Stories, a well-built and well-packaged from the authors and from the host. But from 11, 30 in then it all changes and Mediaset reigns supreme-up to 18.45. A triumph also due to the great success from the Forum, that surpasses The test of the cook as never before, and so Barbara Palombelli conquest the sceptre of queen of the south and think about it, without cooking. A mission which until last year seemed virtually impossible, but which now days, especially this week, is the scope of the Forum. A bitter pill for the Rai but apparently, as revealed by Elisa Isoardi in his interview to Ofmore Tv, the network is expected this collapse, which, if the house Rai is happy so, so be it. Something tells us that the will be more to Mediaset, since after years, regained also a band that for a decade has seen Antonella Clerici, with the Proof of the cook, lead!

Honor, however, to Barbara Palombelli, a that the format of the Forum has changed, but gracefully and without intrusiveness, has created a transmission as she wanted, but always respecting the audience at home that he could recognize in the Forum as a mark of the past with a touch of modernity. When you say the evolution...

And now here are the numbers, as always, don't lie

LISTEN to THE EVIDENCE OF the COOK, SEPTEMBER 27, 2018-Su Rai1 La Prova del Cuoco has collected 1.257.000 viewers with 13.2%.

LISTEN to FORUM 27 SEPTEMBER 2018-On Channel 5 the Forum get to 1.406.000 viewers, with 18.3%.

On rai 2 The Facts of Your marks 381.000 viewers with 6.6% in the first half and 968.000 (10.2%) in the second.

Not to be underestimated also in the ratings of the other networks:

On Rai3 anyone Who has Seen it? 11.30 reaches 449.000 viewers with 7.1%, how Many storiesi door to 6.2% with 761.000 spectators.

Definitely benefit from the collapse of the de La prova del cuoco channels such as Rai 2 and Rai 2. If things continue in this way, the Forum should deal with The Facts, Your more than with the test of The cook, but we are only at the end of the month, still, anything can happen.

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