Barbara D'urso in trouble: ‘You invented the illness To the Bano for share..’

Published on Nov 05, 2018

The queen of Canale cinque, Barbara D'urso yesterday held in suspense a lot of people. What happened To al Bano? Many people think you invented everything

During the promo of the program of channel 5's “Sunday Live,” the anchorwoman Barbara D'urso, announced that Al Bano Carrisi could not be present in the studio because he had felt suddenly hurt.

The presenter neapolitan, worried for the conditions of the apulian singer, has decided to send a journalist to Zurich to understand the real conditions of Al Bano. According to the envoy, the Lion of Cellino San Marco, you would not even submitted to the airport.

Barbara D'urso emphasized many times, during the direct, that he had talked with the ex-husband of Romina Power the night before and was very scared for this unjustified absence from the program.

Barbara D'urso further explained that Al Bano was abroad with Romina Power and their daughter Jasmine on the occasion of the festival of Zurich in which are sung the songs the most famous Italian.

Just in Zurich on April 20, the singer had canceled a concert because of health problems. Then, Barbara D'urso was able to connect with the journalist on Sunday, the Live live read a text message from the Ansa, which said:

“From staff and family members come to reassuring news on his health status: confirmed his departure to China scheduled for tomorrow. The clarification has come after the alleged illness was told in the directed by Barbara d'urso.”

The presenter of naples has explained that the news of the illness of Al Bano had been communicated to him by his journalist by a friend of the singer.

This version has not convinced the public of the social, which inevitably railed against the presenter: many argue that it was all a bit of theatre organized by the team of Sunday Live with the purpose of increasing the audience. Barbara D'urso, has promptly responded to such accusations by stating:

“I and all of us we are not absolutely in bad faith.

A sentence with some of the presenter seems to want to get hands on. On social, however, believe she is the creator of the hoax, a news story designed only to fool the competition.

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