Barbara D Urso hears a sound that confirms the version of Eva: who is the story?


Published on Feb 25, 2018


Rod gate is still the protagonist of Sunday Live. In today's episode Barbara D'urso he listened to a sound that, apparently, could confirm the version of Eva Henger. In the episode of Sunday Live, 25 February 2018, the presenter announces that a few days ago, he knew that there were other evidence. We see a video message from Eve, in which he says that will lead other evidence. In the video, Henger says to be in possession of a voice note sent via Whatsapp, which confirms his thesis.

And so it is that in the episode of Sunday Live broadcast today, in the studio of Channel 5 burst Max Laudadio and Valerio Staffelli that they bring back a computer to the below. As was the case with Alessia Marcuzzi, the two make listening to audio a Barbara D'urso. The audience at home is a simple question: but who was the voice that would confirm the version of Eve? Of course, at least for now, it was not revealed the identity of this person.

As was the case with Alessia Marcuzzi, also in this case we do not know who is the voice of the person who is talking. And do not even know what they are saying. We can only say that the whole thing lasted nearly 5 minutes, during which, there was a great silence in the studio.

Who was the voice of the audio that has listened to the D'urso? We don't know who she was talking about. Making two accounts, for consistency, this note the voice should not be a former castaway. After what Nadia Rinaldi, Cecilia Capriotti and Craig Warwick have said, exclude that they can change their mind. Barbara D'urso, after listening to this audio, it is called secure in the fact that Eve could really be right. The presenter, however, did not want to say anything else. He specified that this situation will have to be clarified by Alessia Marcuzzi.

Will Strip the news to broadcast this audio, or you will wait for the episode Tuesday night? The Island of the famous 2018 will be aired on Tuesday, what will happen? The feeling is that in the audio offending, to tell what had really happened, was an insider. And is it possible?

The D'urso, however, says he recognized the voice and then it is someone that in any case you know: a famous person or a person who works for Mediaset? We can only add that, looking at the faces of Barbara, it is evident that this sound is, however, significant. The presenter shakes his head several times and seems to be shocked by what you are listening to.

The Anger, regarding the registration of the Clear need feeding, she also wanted to specify one thing. Denies, categorically, that record was her husband. And declares: “If it had been him the one recording, would have given them immediately to the press”. These are the words of Eve who is convinced that the truth on this story, it will come out.


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