Barbara D'urso death threats: ‘I Hope that a truck can clothe him / her and...’


Published on Nov 04, 2018


Lady Cologno in the viewfinder of a hater that wishes you death

Without a shadow of a doubt, Barbara D'urso is one of the few characters television more popular and present in the small screen. Lady Cologno is very much loved but at the same time hated by many haters that attack on various social networks. Assured, however, exaggerate by making statements that are very serious as happened last afternoon. Let's see what happened.

A few days ago a user has expressed his negative opinion about Barbara D'urso. What is serious, however, that man has wished for death, writing that it hopes very much that a truck can clothe him / her as soon as possible.

Of course, this serious claim is not appealed to many followers of Lady Cologno, without losing time, have submerged that individual criticism and profanity. It is also justifiable that a person does not appreciate the programs of Barbara D'urso and his way of driving, another is going to say these things obscene.

Just a few days ago in the course of a long interview to ‘Today’, a magazine directed from Umberto Brindani, Barbara D'urso had complained about the attitude of Mara Venier against him. The latter, in fact, after having resumed the reins of ‘Sunday’ has started to put I like to the comments left by the haters of Lady Cologno. Of course Barbarella is very devastated because with the Venier there was a beautiful friendship.

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