Barbara d'urso against the “genius” that she spit on the fruit at the supermarket: “And’ a fool, I hope I quereli”


Published on Mar 19, 2020


Is making to discuss from yesterday, a news that comes from Caserta. A guy takes a video while at the supermarket, he spits on all the fruit, joking about the possibility of infecting others with the coronavirus. A video that has outraged, and which is also shown in the episode of the Afternoon, 5 of the 19 march 2020. Barbara d'urso, in the promo of the program, pointing the finger at this guy that defines a fool. “Today, I just hope it will come to me in a lawsuit because for me, this person is an idiot,” said the presenter, who announces that, along with his journalist Vito Francesco Paglia, will go right in the place where this thing happened.

The presenter then wants to try to understand what drives a person to make a similar gesture. “Today I would like to risk a lawsuit you think, I would that this...person...that I'm a moron then he might very...I Would like me querelasse because this moron know what he did? Take off the mask and spat on the fruit. We will be there to Caserta and I know perfectly well that there do not exist those jerks. There is one in Caserta, and we'll see the video,” said the presenter giving the previews of the episode, today's Afternoon 5.

The “moron” as defined by the presenter, she had the brilliant idea to post the video on social so in the space of a few hours, the police will be able to understand who he is and give him the proper punishment.

In the images, raised also by the regional councillor of Campania, Francesco Emilio Borrelli, the author, who, after removing the mask, spits on the fruits displayed in the supermarket while on the screen appears the inscription “infettiamo”.

“Even the health emergency by Coronavirus seems to stop the stupidity of some people – says Borrelli – that they love to show off on the social acts of unprincipled men. The imbecility is reaching limits never before imagined, the misuse of social media and the mania of wanting to be the protagonists is helping in this sense”.

And yet, on social there are also the heartbreaking images coming from Bergamo, with the army carrying away the coffins from the city, where it is not possible to make new cremations. A pain, from the North to the South, to which apparently, the idiots are IMMUNE.

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