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Published on Jan 03, 2018


New year, new releases! Directly from Preview 27, we bring you all of the outputs BAO Publishing for march 2018.

UNTAMED VOLUME 1 of Penelope Bagieu

144 pages – 18 x 25 cm, hardcover ISBN 978-88-6543-992-0 € 20,00

The first of two volumes, Untamed of Penelope Bagieu in France, has sold 250,000 copies in a year. I will tell of the lives of extraordinary women, such as actress Margaret Hamilton, Lozen, shaman, native american of the mid-Nineteenth century, or Joséphine Baker, “dancer", the mother of the family”. The stretch is ironic and delicate Bagieu returns to the lives and businesses of these women to the reader with a freshness and a strength to the narrative amazing. In the library, immediately before 8th march

MARS HORIZON of Florence Porcel and Erwann Surcouf 120 pages – 17 x 24 cm, color, column Dutch ISBN 978-88-6543-996-8 € 17,00

This volume inaugurates the Italian edition of the series of comic book science of the Octopus. In Mars, Horizon tells the story of how, after sending to Mars in 2030 of building materials thanks to a spacecraft of the Space X-Elon Musk (really expected), in 2080, humanity may establish on the red planet, the first colony. Documented, rigorous but captivating, this book approaches the topic of space colonization with light and addictive

THE FACTORY OF the BODIES of Héloïse Chochois 160 pages – 17 x 24 cm, color, column Dutch ISBN 978-88-6543-995-1 € 18,00

Part of the series of the Octopus, The factory of the bodies speaks of mutilation, syndrome, amputee, prosthesis, and starting from this theme is apparently creepy and difficult to approach tells a story deeply human and important. Héloïse Chochois, a young and immensely talented French is produced in a volume that surprising smoothness, the readability. A work that will enrich the reader in an unexpected and surprising way

A ROMANTIC IN MILAN by Sergio Gerasi 168 pages – 19 x 26 cm, hardcover ISBN 978-88-6543-987-6 € 20,00

Sergio Gerasi, an artist in the forces on Dylan Dog, Mercury and Loi of Sergio Bonelli Editore, back to the graphic novel intimate with the story of an illustrator tired and devoid of inspiration, which speaks in the bar of Milan with the ghosts of Alda Merini, Dino Buzzati, and Piero Manzoni, and seeks his own dimension after having caressed a success, and is revealed as ephemeral and not fulfilling. A love letter to Milan, a city of tenements and architectures improbable, cafés and libraries. A story sweet, touching story, worthy of a Boris Vian, milan, in the vein of confidences whispered in the ear of the player. A hardback sumptuous and the painting so extraordinary, that it will leave the mouth open to anyone will browse through.

BLACK SCIENCE 7 by Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera, 112 pages, 16 x 24 cm, color, column ISBN 978-88-6543-991-3 € 14,00

After years of wandering in the Ogniverso, the family McKay is finally reunited on their world of origin, but it is not the happy ending that they wanted. To put things in place, will have to delve more deeply into the madness dimensional, from which they are believed to be finally escaped.

SAGA 8 Brian Vaughan and Fiona Staples 152 pages – 16 x 24 cm, color, column ISBN 978-88-6543-990-6 € 14,00

Saga is a phenomenon that is unstoppable. This eighth volume proves that the freshness narrative of the authors has by no means been exhausted, and the readers notice it: constantly reprinted, the entire series is an unprecedented success in Italy. Unique output expected by the end of 2018 of the adventures of Marko and Alana, this eighth volume is awaited by fans with spasmodic enthusiasm.

AQUALUNG 3 of Jacopo Paliaga, and the French Charlemagne 224 pages – 16 x 24 cm, color, column ISBN 978-88-6543-927-2 € 19,00

The saga of Cold Cove is designed to last five seasons, in four volumes, in a crescendo of mystery and action which is so loved by the readers to be earned in the second season of the Award Micheluzzi 2017 Napoli Comicon. This third volume consecrated Jacopo Paliaga, and the French Charlemagne as two of the leading names of Italian Comics, and comes out a few months after the publication of the book based on the movie of the Jackal, Fucking snouts green who?, that made them even more known to the general public.

ORPHANS: the NEW WORLD 2 by Roberto Recchioni, Emiliano Mammucari, and Aa. Vv. 352 pages – 19 x 26 cm, hardcover ISBN 978-88-6543-998-2 € 27,00

Continuing the adventures of Rosa, the daughter of Ringo, escape on a distant planet. An all-new cast of characters is ready to transform into a new generation of heroes.

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