BAO Publishing, the outputs of the January 2019: Notes on Life 3 and the Umbrella Academy 2


Published on Nov 05, 2018


Directly from the Preview to 37, we bring you all of the outputs BAO Publishing planned for January 2018: report, the third volume of Notes of Life, the Umbrella Academy 2 – Dallas, and Dr. Star, and the kingdom of tomorrow, the lost, the new work of Jeff Lemire.

ANDY – THE FACTS AND THE FABLE of Typex 562 pages – 19 x 26 cm color, column ISBN 978-88-3273-133-0 € 29,00

A book monumental, with the cutting of the pages painted in silver mirror and in the shape of a box of detergent. The ten chapters that tell the ten phases of the life of the most eminent and famous exponent of pop art, each of-
marked with the style that distinguished him at that time. A work colossal, conceived and orchestrated by the brilliant Dutch artist Typex, an edition of exquisite, rich historical documentation.

DR. STAR is THE KINGDOM OF TOMORROW with the LOST of Jeff Lemire and Max Fiumara 128 pages – 17 x 26 cm, hardcover ISBN 978-88-3273-203-0 € 18,00

An elderly superhero desperately tries to reconnect with his son, who he hoped would one day donned her cloak, while the past from which it has hidden for decades threatens to take everything
the remains of the world. A story of family ties and heroism adds a piece to the highly acclaimed saga of the Black Hammer created by the prolific, more good canadian author Jeff Lemire

The DAYS THAT DISAPPEAR Timothé The Boucher 192 pages – 19 x 26 cm, hardcover ISBN 978-88-3273-205-4 € 21,00

What would you do if suddenly you realized that star living only on a day on two? Who is stealing half of your life, and what can you do to regain control? If the question Lubin Marechal, that at a certain point you realize that the number of days that he missed is doubling exponentially,
and that always wakes up more infrequently. His life passes without him alive, while the affections, and the points of reference, his whole world crumble before his eyes. A dystopia is extraordinary, a book by award-winning in Angoulême in 2018.

NOTES OF LIFE 3 of Boulet 224 pages – 17 x 24 cm, color, column ISBN 978-88-6543-616-5 € 18,00

Return the collections of one of the blog's most popular ever, in a third unmissable volume in which the cartoonist Boulet – born Gilles Roussel – track with irreverent irony, a glimpse of life that will surprise you and will make you laugh from the beginning to the end. With a preface and concluding remarks of Zerocalcare, always a number one fan of Boulet, a volume from the collection to find the strips and short stories that Boulet has published over ten years on his famous blog:

HAXA 2 of Nicolò Pellizzon 192 pages – 18 x 25 cm color, column ISBN 978-88-3273-200-9 € 19,00

Nicolò Pellizzon is one of the most valued artists of the young generation of Italian authors. With Haxa engages for the first time with a large project: Haxa will be a tetralogy, of which the volumes come out roughly every nine months, in which the vicissitudes of a world in which you contrast two different schools of magic will lead to an evolution unexpectedly, much of the world, the same as of the young characters who inhabit it. A story at the same time, the esoteric and the urban, fantastic and intimate, intended, – we are sure to conquer not only the Italian public.

UMBRELLA ACADEMY 2 – DALLAS-Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba 184 pages – 17 x 26 cm, hardcover ISBN 978-88-3273-130-9 € 20,00

The lead singer of My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way, and the star of the comic, brazilian, Gabriel Bá, and come back for the second volume of the adventures of the Umbrella Academy, while out around the world the TV series on Netflix! In the shadow of the bulky presence of the late Professor Hargreeves, our heroes reveal the truth about the murder Kennedy... or not? A hardcover full of extras for an unforgettable story!

BAO Publishing, the outputs of the January 2019: Notes on Life 3 and the Umbrella Academy 2 is




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