BAO Publishing: the outputs of October 2019


Published on Aug 01, 2019


Directly from Preview 46, we bring you all of the outputs BAO Publishing scheduled for October 2019: to report the onset of de SCHOOL OF PIZZA IN the FACE OF the PROFESSOR LIMESTONE (new and long-awaited collection of stories of Zerocalcare, which is connected to a short animated film made by the same author-roman) and the first volume of THE BELGICA, a story of fantasy based on the mission antarctic belgian Amundsen and Cook, 1897. Continue, PAPER GIRLS, and SAGA DELUXE by Brian K. Vaughan

THE SCHOOL OF PIZZA IN the FACE OF the PROFESSOR's LIMESTONE Zerocalcare 224 pages – 17 x 24 cm two-colour, hardcover € 22,00

The production of the comics Zerocalcare is so rod and varies from time to time is mandatory
create a collection of his work in more varied roles. It is stories never collected in a volume the first, with a new story that's unique in addition, which will connect you to a short animated movie online made entirely from the same Zerocalcare. A volume indispensable to all lovers of the author of Rebibbia, in a beautiful edition, hardcover, homogeneous format and the look of his graphic novels.

THE BELGICA 1 of Brown Tones 176 pages – 18 x 25 cm, hardcover € 20,00

The young Jean was out of his senses one evening on board of a ship that has just changed owner, and the next day turns out to be en route to south America, from where The Belgica, the name of the ship, attempt to explore the Antarctic. Toni Bruno tells a fictional story based on the mission antarctic belgian Amundsen and Cook, 1897. A great adventure story in two volumes to be released in a few months one from the other, with the screenplay taut and compelling, and magnificent drawings to halftone. A worthy following to the success of the 2016 Bruno, From up here the earth is beautiful, reprinted several times.

SAGA DELUXE 2 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples 464 pages – 17 x 26 cm, hardcover € 35,00


Waiting for the tenth original volume of the Saga, this is the second collection deluxe, request to
great item by collectors, which collects volumes 4, 5 and 6 of the regular series, with a rich
appendix of unpublished materials from the archives of the two authors, Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples. An edition of the luxurious and beautiful, the perfect gift for those who are discovering this epic and beloved by readers around the world.

PAPER GIRLS 6 by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang 144 pages – 17 x 26 cm
color, hardcover € 18,00


The journey of the girls Paper Girls comes in the manner of pyrotechnics in the end. What the
writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Cliff Chiang have in store for them in this volume will move between the future and the new unknown worlds in an attempt to return home! Ends the series that confirms the talent of Vaughan, and the comic fans, the kids or adults that they are, they can't afford to miss!

For the outputs Aiken (label Bao Publishing is dedicated to the manga), we refer to our previous article.

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