Bao Publishing re-publish the essays of Scott McCloud


Published on Jan 20, 2018


Anyone who knows theoretically the sequential art will know the name Scott McCloud. American author, famous for his essay the most known, entitled Understanding comics – The invisible art, McCloud has assets of other works, including Zot!, some issues of Superman Adventures and The Sculptor, recently published by Bao Publishing.

Their Bao, the day today, announced the beginning of the translation of three of the essays most beautiful and best known, of the real pillars of the knowledge, theory and practice of comics-Understanding comics – The invisible art, Reinventing comics and Making comics. Will be published in a single volume of 800 pages, and will select the most relevant parts, or better:

” Part of the theories of Scott would be sounded dated, today, if taken individually (especially when it assumes direction which would have taken the digital comics). The only way to make everything relevant and current is to collect it in a single edition, allows readers to understand the context of each assay, compared to the other two.”

This week we begin the work of translation of the three fundamental essays in comics and graphic novels, Scott McCloud,...

Published by BAO Publishing on Wednesday 17 January 2018

The three essays were published by the publisher Pavesio, by the end of the Nineties onwards. Unfortunately, now appear to be out of the catalog and are not to be found.

The new volume, which does not have news yet regarding the title, will be published during the year.

Bao Publishing re-publish the essays of Scott McCloud is




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