BAO Publishing is paying for Black Science for the whole week-end!


Published on Apr 10, 2020


In this difficult period for all the Italian publishing houses are doing their best to help us to better endure the forced quarantine, providing free or volumes, however, proposing discounts to the sensational on the digital editions of the respective works.

Bao Publishing is certainly distinct at the level of the bids with regard to its catalog of comics in digital, discounting even the whole series such as the acclaimed Saga.

This week-end the publisher has decided to offer the complete series of Black Science, which is available from Friday 10 to Monday 13 of April at 0.99 cents per volume on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play, and Kobo.
The series is composed of 9 volumes in total, which means that you can buy it complete with a little less than 9 euros... an offer not to be missed, really!

The official description of the first volume:
“Grant McKay has broken through the barrier between realities, learning the secrets of the science of black, but now the chaos has engulfed his team, and he can only jump in size in size, trying to correct the involuntary disaster.
The first volume of the cult series created by Rick Remender and drawn by the brilliant Matteo Scalera. Are you ready to the vertigo of the infinite nothing?”

Rick Remender, class of 1973, is one of the most prolific writers of the current landscape of american comics. After working in the world of animation and have taken part in feature films such as The giant of iron, began working with the major publishers of comics in america.
For Image Comics creates “Agent Fear”; for IDW Publishing create the “Night Mary”; for the Dark Horse Comics, illustrating the comics adaptation of “Man with the Screaming Brain”. In 2008, he landed in the Marvel comics, writing for titles such as “The Punisher”, “Uncanny X-Force”, “Venom”, “Captain America” and “Uncanny Avengers”.
In 2013, for Image Comics, creates Black Science, sci-fi series which sees to the drawings, the talented Italian Matteo Scalera.

Matteo Scalera (Parma, 1982). Is designer, cover artist and author complete for some of the most famous national and international publishers. After having attended the School of Comics of Milan, made his debut in 2007 with Hyperkinetic, a miniseries by Image Comics. In 2010 he started his collaboration with Marvel comics, for several newspapers of the character of Deadpool. After you have designed the covers for numerous miniseries in the Boom! Studios, working on the head, “Secret Avengers” (Marvel) based on texts by Rick Remender. It is always with him that public, Image, Black Science.

BAO Publishing is paying for Black Science for the whole week-end! is




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