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Published on Apr 15, 2019


The brain of a boy that never stops, even when it is sitting on a wall with friends or other people to chat with a beer in hand. The art of transforming the adversities and problems in the Art is an ability not common: but the Ball turns in the history of all those who are trying to reinvent themselves, reach goals never imagined before.

In the elegant hardback published by Bao Publishing, we find the twenty-year-old Damian, a journalist with a bit of passion a bit more. During a film festival turin meets Clare, his colleague who writes for another publication. Both find that they have a vision of the common world. Damiano, however, hides a secret very special: it is able to create from the nothing of the black spheres of varying size.

Don't ever spoke with none of his strange power, but suddenly it gives demonstration to Clear, and this makes you an idea that could be successful: create different compositions of balls and upload them to artistic significance. From there, the two consolidate an artistic relationship to them will turn in the acclaimed artists from the contemporary art lovers, taking them to national and international success. But when the flame of success burns too quickly and is intended to fade with equal speed, the two will find themselves faced with new problems that fame brings with it, virandoli towards a final, unexpected and enjoyable.


Albhey Longo manages to turn a glimmer of hope to all those who still don't know what to do in their life. At the end of the book is a small gift that the author gives to his reader: an incentive to do more and to do better, rising from the chair and looking at what they are capable of making their own hands, shaping all that is around him. The black spheres are nothing more than containers of potential, that only need to be assembled to make their life a work of art.

With a dry and essential style and with characters from “oblong”, Longo divided (and colour) the story in two parts: the first is the linearity of life, made up of mental fatigue combined with the desire to change, composed of colors ranging from ocher to dark blue, passing through the brown and green hue of the oil; in the second, instead, the revolution is made of reflectors, cameras and video cameras, which illuminate the environment schiarendolo and making it more brilliant, as a showcase of Swarowski. The colors lose their hue, the shadowy and begin to jump on the table, as if they wanted to be their own protagonists of the whole story. Hair Clear shine, the backgrounds of the vignette sometimes vanish under the white lights and the happiness slips out from the hearts to the sound of More than a feeling, that frees us from the dissatisfaction of themselves, as in the final episode of Scrubs.

Ball is definitely a graphic novel that speaks in the face of the millenials, but is so current and perfect for generation X, giving the strength to re-create a new world in which to live better and without dissatisfaction latent.


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