Baldness hair how to solve the problem simply


Published on Apr 16, 2020


Baldness hair how to solve the problem simply. A team led by USC Stem Cell Principal Investigator Cheng-Ming Chuong has shown that snatching 200 hair into precise points you can induce a regrowth of up to 1,300 hair more, to replace those torn down. The results are published in the April issue 9 of the journal Cell.

The work leads to great steps forward in the direction of the treatment of alopecia, a form of hair loss.

Chuong, professor of pathology at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, said: “The work leading to potential new targets for the treatment of alopecia, a form of hair loss.”

The team was able to regenerate 1.300 hair pizzicandone 200, in a study with mice.

Half of the men suffer from baldness at the age of 50 years. The team at the University of Southern California has figured out how hair follicles communicate with each other to decide what repair work you need to do. In a series of experiments have removed 200 hair follicles from a circular area of the skin of mice.

Taken where there was an average density of 200 hairs removed from a circle of 5mm, led to the re-growth of 1,300 new hair.

Where there was greater density, with the same amount of hair but by a circle of a diameter of 4mm, has resulted in 780 new hair.

The team says that the hair is given a vote on what happens after that is torn, and when it reaches a critical threshold that can trigger the regeneration. This trigger point is called “quorum sensing”.

But it is not known if it will cure the baldness of human...

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A group of researchers from Italian and English have discovered the mechanism that regulates the life cycle of the hair. It is of autophagy, that is, the particular process of autocannibalismo with which the cells of our body are cleaned, eliminating toxic material, or damaged (a process already seen some forms of cancer, ed.)

To stimulate this process in the areas of the scalp, would bring interesting benefits, from slowing down the hair fall, to strengthen hair follicles atrophied.


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