BALANCES on TrenDevice and BuyDifferent: Discounts up to -50% on Smartphone, Tablet, and Mac Refurbished


Published on Feb 01, 2018


ARTICLE SPONSORED – On TrenDevice and BuyDifferent from 1 to 8 February, we expect full of occasions with discounts up to -50% on Smartphone, Tablet, and Mac Reconditioned. You will then have a great opportunity to save money on the purchase of your favourite device, just what you want. Thanks to these days of sales you can get it at a price that is super discounted.

The Balances on TrenDevice and BuyDifferent has already begun and will continue until the 8th of February, and until the exhaustion of stocks. In fact, the Smartphone, the Tablet and Mac in sale, all are Refurbished and then unique products. For this reason and, especially in these days of discounts, there will be a great demand and stocks run out soon. The advice I give is to conclude the purchase as soon as possible, in order to avoid that someone else will take away the device that much you want.

On TrenDevice you can find plenty of offers to take the flight to save on the purchase of Smartphones and Tablets Refurbished including iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy Refurbished. While on BuyDifferent you can buy Mac reconditioned, or upgrade your computer with upgrades, SSD, RAM, Hard Drives and Batteries.

Let's see specifically what models you can buy on TrenDevice. The choice of iPhone Refurbished is very wide: they are available for the iPhone X regenerated, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 guaranteed for 1 year. Among the most popular for the excellent quality-price ratio there are the iPhone 7 reconditioned and 7 Plus. As far as the Samsung, for example you can choose a Galaxy Note 8 or an S8 Plus, or S7 Edge.

On TrenDevice you can also find iPad Refurbished iPad Pro a 12.9” iPad Air, Air 2, and many others.

On BuyDifferent you can buy Mac Reconditioned guaranteed 1 year: MacBook Pro 13” and 15” MacBook Pro Retina, MacBook Air, or the iMac 21” or 24”. If you already have a Mac and want to keep it a few more year, but you want to make it faster because lately its performance is slow, then you can enhance it up to +300% thanks to the new RAM and SSD, or change the Hard Disk and the battery. Your Mac can, in fact, have a useful life long-at least double what you think, and, thanks to the upgrade, you can get it back as fast and responsive as when you first bought it.

The Balances on TrenDevice and BuyDifferent have already begun: we expect a lot of Discounts up to -50% on Smartphone, Tablet, and Mac reconditioned. Don't waste your time because the offers end on 8th February and until stocks last.

TrenDevice was founded in 2014 but it is already the solution, no.1 for the purchase and sale of smartphone and tablet-refurbished: over 2,600 reviews certified and a customer satisfaction index of 96%.

BuyDifferent is the ecommerce point of reference of the Mac users in Italy since 2003, for the purchase of Mac Reconditioned, Guaranteed 1 year, upgrade, video courses and e-books.

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