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Published on Nov 01, 2017


1byone has created an exceptional product: a balance of smart from the cost is not too high, can also measure some particular values, such as the level of fat and muscle mass. A valid alternative to products that cost double and sometimes triple. Scopriamola in the full review.

I purchased this scale smart some time ago, when I decided to resume physical activity. I searched on Amazon all the most interesting solutions that were able to measure not only the weight but also many other values. Scales of this kind are called “impedenziometriche” because of the special sensors are able to measure the level of visceral fat, the level of muscle mass, the level of fat mass, the amount of liquids and still other information.

Among the various possibilities, I chose to try this product on the strength of its 367 positive reviews on Amazon. The balance in question was not only interesting for potential measurement but rather for his full support for the synchronization of data with the iOS Health and Apple. In short, for the price of 35,99€ I purchased this product on Amazon. And now, after weeks of use, I want to tell you about my experience in order to help you save a little bit.

We start from the design of the scales, well-kept and essential. We find the four sensors on the upper part, together with the logo and the LED display 3.3-inch integrated in the glass of the balance. The white color it's very stylish and fits well in many different environments, from the bathroom to the bedroom.

The sensors are high precision and can measure from 4.9 kg 181kg with very little margin of approximation (close to 0.1 kg). In addition, if we weigh without socks, the sensors will identify a whole series of information useful to those who does sports, gym, swim, or those who are not following a diet and wants to take care of your body to the best.

The balance smart is really intuitive. In the package there is the instruction manual but it is not required as its operation is immediate and does not require any kind of preliminary action, if not the coupling, starting with the smartphone.

In fact, as soon as you climb on the scale the measurement. In the event that you want to access all data and to sync with the iOS or Android just to compete with the opening of the dedicated application on the smartphone. The connection is made via Bluetooth protocol and requires iOS 8.0 or later, or Android 4.3 or later to work. Good multi-user support that allows the scale to be exploited by all members of the family, with up to ten different users.

What is measured in detail? The data that are analyzed by this scale smart are the following:

How does the measuring of these data, and because to access it you have to weigh yourself barefoot? The scale uses a technology called BIA that allows an electrical impulse at the minimum to be transmitted through the body from the sensor present on the scale. This pulse will allow the sensors to accurately measure the data listed before.

For those who are not aware of this technique, I can confirm you have performed the same type of test, for a fee, in a sports-certified and have obtained results comparable to those obtained from the balance. Guarantee the accuracy of the measurement. The only rule, if one can call it such, to precisely place both the feet on the four sensors so that they touched both the front and the rear. Otherwise, the measurement will be less accurate.

From the report, however, that those who make use of certain medical implants such as a pacemaker, should not use the balance in order to avoid any type of malfunction of the medical device and to remain so in safety.

The application is called 1byone Wellness 2.0 and is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store. The app you configure in a few steps, and then running with great rapidity and saving of the data and the synchronization with the Health of Apple. The application then allows the use of up to ten user profiles, so as to separate the measurements and to build a history of measurements based on who is taking advantage of the balance. Not only that, but you can monitor the data daily in charts and tables in order to best reach any goal.

The app is not an optional feature however, as it serves to read all data in addition to the weight. In fact, without the app we can only measure the weight by watching the value on the display. All the “beauty” of the scale is linked to the application. Otherwise why call it smart?

I am very happy with this product and I appreciated the separate measurement will be accurate for via the app, that maybe is not necessary to perform on a daily basis, with the simple measurement of weight, maybe more fits every morning. The design is nice and it goes well with many different environments, the connection is stable and fast and the measurements are precise. If we add to this that the balance of costs about 35€, the picture is much more clear. This is one of the best alternatives to much more expensive scales smart on the market. If I have to find a fault, I point out the lack of measurement of your heartbeat and the lack of a built-in rechargeable battery, perhaps via micro-USB.

If you are interested, the product is available on Amazon at a price of 35,99€.

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