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Published on Jun 27, 2016


The technology industry is one that continues to evolve faster than all the others. Through a WiFi connection or Bluetooth, the objects are able to communicate among themselves and with our devices.

For this reason, this year, we are in the era of automation, the objects that you control from the iPhone and can do many more things for us, through the use of an application.

During the last Keynote, Apple showed the new features for HomeKit, the framework that is able to ensure the access to various objects directly from the iPhone, and among the most influential brands, passed on a slide, you could see Koogeek.

Today we speak of a balance of electronic Koogeek that can do so much for us, through his official application.

The brand, which for many will be new, it is really very well known in China and in America. The scale has a design that is really very nice. It is a glass square with very rounded corners and soft, coated with a frame in brushed aluminium. At the centre is the logo of the company and on the top there is a LED display that disappears completely when the light is off.

To operate the balance just connect the 4 AA batteries (included), stand on it, and automatically a luke blue us will be the weight. So far nothing extraordinary but better get moving on the iPhone.

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After you have downloaded the application Koogeek (also available for Android), we have to configure it through a wizard very simple. The application will ask for information about us, the other will be taken directly from the application Health.

To match the scale of the application we have to click the button in the battery compartment for 5 seconds. We will see the writing SET on the display and then we can start the search of the device, which will connect to both Bluetooth and WiFi.

In the wizard, in fact, the scales will reveal the same WiFi network to which we are connected through iPhone, and we will ask you to enter the password. Once you have finished the configuration, each time that we'd have to think will be the stability of a connection between the scale and the Cloud of Koogeek, which then will display the result within the app.

In this way, we can trace our performance, if I or dimagriamo, we will be able to set the ideal weight at which we are aiming for, and we will be able to track all of our physical activity, the number of steps and calories burned per day, through the data recorded in the app Health.


If you have an Apple Watch or any other product like the Mi Band from Xiaomi, all the collected data will be viewable even by the application of the balance. Also, the heart rate, the temperature and the level of fat mass, bone mass, muscle mass, BMR, will be reported in simple screens with a bar that contains the minimum values acceptable, those in the highest, and then our. It is important to weigh in bare feet and stay on balance in the long to carry out both the measurement of the weight of all other data.

It follows that the app Koogeek will become a valuable personal assistant, with the results on the scale, automatically synced with the app, we will be motivated to always do their best to reach the goal.

In a family, the application can be set with the multi-user up to 16 people, in such a way to allow everyone to use the product without compromising the personal statistics. The app will recognize automatically the weighing of each, and can even weigh a baby, simply holding it in his arms, and by automatically calculating the difference between our weight without the child and with the child. The balance is precise in the order of 100 grams.

Between a fitness band, apps, and WiFi scale, this year everyone has a way to see the number of steps and the distance traveled each day. You can also enter as a goal a certain number of steps per day and the balance we will assess with appropriate graphs. The only negative is the translation in English of the application that, in certain circumstances, it is rather “nice”, but the functions are exactly as described and in good or bad, you can always understand what we read.

It was for a long time, which, looking at the expensive scales Withings, I wanted a similar product, but without spending 150-200€, and I have to say that this Koogeek meets very well my curiosity.

Normally costs 74,99€, but this price seemed too high for you. I then asked for a discount Coupon, but a Coupon nice big, and the sellers have accepted my proposal by applying a discount of well-22,50€. Therefore, this scale is super-technology, that will last years and years, always remaining at the forefront, it is going to cost only 52,49€! To get the discount, enter the product in shopping cart on Amazon, proceed to the purchase, enter shipping address, and then add this Coupon “SKG3SMX8” on the inside of the screen is dedicated to payments and credit card. Valid until 30 June.

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