Bake Off Italia 2019 news and previews: everything there is to know


Published on Aug 02, 2019


Just less than a month to the new edition of Bake Off Italia and we are ready to give you some anticipation. Let's start immediately with the fact that the well-known program where you are cooking pastries will be aired from August 30 on Real Time. At the helm, to run, will return to the much-loved Benedetta Parodi. Inevitable, of course, also the judges who will decide which are the most delicious cake and who is the better pastry chef. Who will be the three judges of the edition 2019 of Bake Off Italia? Clelia d'onofrio, Ernst Knam and Damiano Carrara. But if you want to find out something more about the brand-new location and new competitors continue to read the article.

So as you have read, Bake Off Italia, this year, will have a new venue that I will be sure to dream of all lovers of the world of the kitchen. It is, in particular, of the Villa Borromeo d'adda to Arcore. To disseminate the first pictures of the new location of the Bake Off 2019 was the same Real Time on social networks. A shed set up with all the equipment that will be useful for the competitors to prepare the cakes the best ever. Space, color and fun with a modern decor but that also brings a little bit back in time. And who knows if it will appeal to many fans of Bake Off Italia – Dolci in forno. In the meantime, we ask you and we leave you, below, the first images of the new location.

Soon, aspiring pastry chefs will invade the tent, #BakeOffItalia and we can't wait to hear the magic formula: “SWEET IN the OVEN”! In the meantime, what do you think of this new '50s look? 😋🍰🎂

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There is a growing curiosity among the fans of Bake Off Italia. Who are the competitors of this new edition in 2019 and who will be the winner? Will be eighteen to play but we begin to know them better. Alice was a student of 19 years; Anna, aged 53, is currently unemployed; Antonio, a young graduate in graphic design and that is the salesman; Antonino grandfather retired and esteemed as a pastry chef by his granddaughter; the brescian Daniel, who has become a dad to little; Cecilia, 37 years, housewife; Hasnaa, a native of Casablanca, and the young mother; the teacher Dora of Bojano; the sicilian Giusy, that in addition to the passion for cooking she also loves to salsa dance; Mariangela years 42, a mom and a housewife; the young Martina, 20 years old, unemployed; another Martina of 29 years that makes the computer engineer; the beautiful model Olena that he would like to do the pastry; the young Riccardo, who attends the culinary institute; Rong, 19 years old, waiter; Roberto, 59 years old, who want to open a Bakery in Milan together with his children; the manager, Sara, who wants to open a bakery just for kids; Rosary, 45 years old and a teacher.

These are the very first information on the competitors of the new edition of Bake Off Italia – Dolci in forno. In the meantime, has already been circulated the promo of the program (which we leave below). Ready-to-Bake Off Italia 2019? Appointment to the 30th of August, on Real Time!

Every year is a great emotion: our @ziabene can't wait to get back under the big tent! The new season of #BakeOffItalia awaits you soon on #Canale31.

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