Backup Android: the guide (with and without root)


Published on Dec 17, 2017


The backup is a common task in computer science, consists in making a safety copy of the data to which it is held to prevent it from being lost. There are different types of data: documents, photos, various files, contacts, to cite a few examples. Today we will deal with in our guide to all the methods to backup on Android of the various types of data of which we have spoken.

The topic is very vast to be like our usual clear and precise, our guide will be divided in two parts:

The Google system and some entries to app allow to backup in the cloud without the complications of a lot of data. Let's see in detail in the next paragraphs what they are and how they work.

If you have an Android smartphone, in all probability you also have a Google account, as at the first startup of your device the you have created or you have entered an account previously owned.

If properly set up, Google and its apps make backup in the cloud of some important data.

To check that this type of backup is active, just go into Settings and then Accounts and finally, on Google, on the inside, make sure that the synchronizations of the various apps are active.

The apps of Google that make the backup to the cloud so that you can find on the screen are:

The data is synchronized, you will find them stored in your Google account, and will be accessible simply in the pages of the respective services (by logging in with the same account).

Another way to restore the data will be to use the same Google account on another tablet or smartphone.

Google Photos is a boon for those who make a lot of shots with your smartphone and are afraid of losing their precious memories. The Google app offers unlimited space to save their photos and videos in high definition also, once you have uploaded your shots, it also allows you to delete them from the device memory to reclaim space. Google Photos is a great app and its photo backup is really convenient, just a few taps, you can enable it.
Please refer to our dedicated guide for details.

Another app that does automatic backups of our photos, is one of the excellent cloud service that works great and offers free 50 GB of encrypted space.

There is already happened to talk about this app, is handy and very useful, it offers 10 GB of free space to save lots of your data: calls, sms, photos, videos, music, settings. The app allows you to save the other apps and their data if you do not have root.

To learn more about this great solution for the backup on Android, please see our leaflet.

Simple, the application has almost always had a backup system in local conversations. A couple of years to make it even easier to retrieve when you change device has been inserted the possibility to make backup of their conversations and their media files (photos, videos, files, and voice notes are exchanged through the chat) and also online on the space of Google Drive.

Set and retrieve this backup is really a no-brainer, for the very few steps we invite you to consult our guide to backup Whatsapp.

We spoke above of the automatic backups, which, once set to work alone, but nothing prevents you from doing a manual backup of your files on Android. In fact usually you just need a good file manager.

You can proceed in several ways:

You can do a similar thing even uploading their important files on popular cloud services, one of the most used for the purpose at hand, Google Drive, simply because it has a client that is comfortable and offers, as mentioned above, 50 GB of free space.

The backup of the app you can do it in a simple way with a application that would extract the apk, once copied and installed on the new device will continue to work. To extract the apk files, you can use the convenient free app Apps Backup.

For games or apps is particularly heavy, we recall that to ensure the functioning not just do the backup only apk file, but you must also copy the associated folder ( with the name of the app) that you find with a file manager typically in the path of Android/Obb.

If instead we want to perform a full backup of apps and data ( so, also of the games and their saves), and we have no intention of doing the root, we can use Helium Backup, a solution that is powerful, complete and reliable. The only tool for backup that almost does not regret the lack of privileges. Attention is not easy to use but is really powerful, you can find it free on the Play Store.

These are the most advanced solutions, as you've seen above to do a really good back up apps and their data (and therefore also of the games and their saves) serves or Helium, or the root.

For every Geek on your Android with the word backup port the automatic association with Titanium, the app is not very certainly the user interface is very simple and is reminiscent of the early versions of Android. Titanium Backup, however, is really powerful and will save all the great apps, and data.

The app is always available in two versions:

Titanium is a real sacred monster, but if you're willing to endure a little advertising, some alternative free much valid it is. Here are two apps that deserve a chance:

Who has to do with the modding and custom rom (rom cook) often uses this type of backup. In reality, before starting to fiddle around with your terminal, it is always advisable to do a Nandroid backup of your system so you can fix things easily if something goes wrong.

Attention this type of backup does not save your files (photos, video, audio) but only the system data and apps. Normally, the Nandroid backup is done through a custom recovery ( TWRP, CWM), and yet this powerful form of backup can also be done directly from the system via the handy app.

Our in-depth analysis on backup Android, you come to the conclusion. Let us know with a comment if you have a doubt or more solutions to recommend.

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