Back to the Future 4: Christopher Lloyd would be happy to participate


Published on Jul 01, 2019


The star of Back to the Future Christopher Lloyd would be “happy” to return to a Part IV, but the actor of Doc Brown says a third sequel should have a message that is topical:

“I think that in some way is necessary to convey a message about something that is important for everyone, universally, such as climate change. A way to incorporate a need the contemporary in the film and keep the feelings of the three previous chapters,” said Lloyd at the Niagara Falls Comic Con.

“It is something difficult and complicated. Why don't you make another one to disappoint the public. So I do not know. I would be happy, for myself. But we'll see.”

Working again with co-star Michael J. Fox, who played Marty McFly, it would not be a difficult thing for Lloyd, who has indeed pointed out that it has always been “very easy”.

Lloyd is not the only one who would like to return, and when she addressed rumors of a fourth movie at the Fan Expo in Boston in 2018, with actor Biff, Tom Wilson, had said that the public will continue to watch the franchise “until it will suck”.

Lloyd acknowledged that a trip to Hill Valley could only happen if the co-creators Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale were “excited about doing another episode”.

In 2015, Zemeckis had said that Universal Pictures would not have been able to resurrect the franchise, if not when both Bob were dead. “And then I am sure that they will, unless there is a way to stop them,” she told the Telegraph. Zemeckis had in any case put the word " end " for a fourth film last summer.

Back to the Future 4: Christopher Lloyd would be happy to participate in it is




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