Baby food homemade: how to prepare and store


Published on Aug 28, 2019


How to prepare the baby food homemade? The first meals of a child are very important and it is important to use fresh and healthy ingredients making sure to mix everything to perfection, creating a cremine. To prepare them, there are cook meals in trade, which carry a pressure cooking or steam, that blending and scongelano even food. Alternatively, a good blender can be a valid alternative, taking care to also use a food steamer to cook foods. We then discover how to make baby food homemade healthy and tasty for children.

To prepare the baby food homemade, you have to have at the disposal of the containers for storing and freezing. They go well with the trays for the ice cubes. How to cook the food? The best way is to do a steam cooking that allows you not to lose the nutritive properties of the food.

As far as the vegetables, follow the timetable of the pediatrician for the insertion of the various foods. Basically you start with potato, carrot and zucchini, cook for prepare the vegetable broth. For not having to do it every day, you can make it a bit more and freeze it in two ways. You can freeze just the broth and the vegetables separately, of course, whisk well, or blend everything together and put it in the jars.

It is also very important to prepare the baby food homemade fruit. How to do it? If you want to freeze them and have them always at hand, you can steam the fruit. In the case of the apple, wash it, sbucciatela and make it into pieces removing all the pips. Then used the steamer to steam for about 15 minutes. Prepare the puree by blending the apple with a little of the cooking water. In addition to apple, in the same way, you can make baby food home-made pear or combining the two fruits.

To prepare the baby food, homemade, meat, prepared of parts by about 40 grams and cook in steam. The best meat for weaning is that of the rabbit, veal or chicken. Then blend it all together with a little of the cooking water to get the jars ready to add to the baby food. Also for fish the same applies. We recommend that you use fish like hake and cod.

The baby food made in house by freeze are comfortable and ready every day. In this way you do not have to prepare the complete meal each day but you will have a reserve from which to draw.

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