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Published on Jan 12, 2018


Baby Driver is not destined to pass into history as the last (at least for the moment) film with Kevin Spacey in the beautiful shows, the first of the well-known scandal that involved the actor two-time Oscar winner.

In case of the sixth film, Edgar Wright will be remembered as yet another instant-cult of a director who seems capable of churning out only the instant-cult: bold and exhilarating, this musical comedy/heist movie has been received confirmed by plebiscite by the public and by critics (here you can find our review of the film) to the mix of magic to the limit of the impossible (and unthinkable: only Edgar Wright could bet on a movie of the genre) between action, romance, sugar, stunt breathtaking, and the use of the spasmodic shots to a soundtrack of great class.

Fresh of a victory for the Critics’ Choice Awards, 2018 for the best editing (for ex aequo with Dunkirk), Baby Driver arrives on the shelves of Italian stores and in online shops (Italian and not: in short, everywhere shop online and regardless of the size of quantum where they belong), and we MangaForever we were able to test the blu-ray edition.

Edition blu-ray that stands out especially for the amount gargantuesca of special content: in addition of course to the film (in widescreen HD with a resolution of 1920x1080p) in the only disc available, you can also find two audio commentaries (one by Edgar Wright, and another of Edgar Wright and the dop Bill Pope) and 21 minutes of extra scenes and extended scenes.

After that we will be able to dig behind the scenes of the film with an in-depth really full-bodied divided into six chapters: in the first, “Here's my Baby: Edgar Wright, the director will speak to us of the genesis of the project (the original idea for the good Edgar has had even in 1995, when he heard for the first time the song Bellbottoms the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion); then it is the turn of “Mozart in the Go-Karts”, where we find out how the young Ansel Egort be prepared for some of the stunt following the different courses of the guide; “we Need a soundtrack” provides an analysis on the importance covered in the movie by the music of the accompaniment, the chapter “your new group” speaks to us of the cast and the secondary characters, while “Here there is something weird: the choreography”, and “The devil at the wheel: the chases in the machine” reveal the many behind the scenes and the hard work that hides behind the spectacular action scenes.

The special features do not end here, however: after a few animatics (previsualizzazioni animated of eight scenes, for a total of over half an hour of video) we also find auditions, auditions and tests of the make-up, music video clip, Blue Song Mint royale, an avalanche of the storyboard, and finally trailers and tv clips.

Much better than the sector audio (spectacular and immersive DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1) compared to the video (very good, but with a level of detail not just at the top).

In short, if you loved the movie at the cinema you can not let you escape home video, and the blu-ray edition, it will certainly be to your case.

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