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Published on Nov 18, 2019


In view of the highly anticipated launch of the streaming service Disney, the amount of new content from the Marvel Cinematic Universe was surprisingly low: for example, will not have a live-action series exclusively on the platform until next year, but Marvel Studios have found other ways to keep the fans of the MCU concerned in the early days of Disney +.

They surprisingly announced that it would be immediately available a special video titled, Expanding the Universe that will give fans of the MCU an inside look at the next series of Disney shows +.

Disney has also confirmed that 16 titles MCU were accessible in the first day after it was announced that only a handful of films would have been initially available.

The new additions include Avengers: Endgame, previously thought to be arrived on the Disney + in December, and those who wanted to watch the movie (maybe again) through Disney + have also been some surprises. ..

In addition to the successful movie of 3 full hours available, Disney + also includes many special features that usually are included in home video: is available the comment of Avengers: Endgame made by the authors and directors of the film, as well as a featurette special and all the deleted scenes that accompanied the first publication of Endgame.

But Disney + is also the home of six alternative scenes or deleted Avengers: Endgame, which have never been seen before. And since the streaming service is not available all over the world, here is what contains each of the new scenes.

Let's start with the shortest of the new sequences, in which Disney + reveals a deleted scene which shows the creation of the Quantum Realm Suits.

The scene sees the Smart Hulk, Ant-Man and the Nebula to the work on the final touches while Tony enters the room. Tony Stark commented on the fact that those uniforms are made by using the technology created by him and used by the Guardians. The scene includes the initial prototype of the Quantum Realm Suits previously revealed, and not the final designs with the traditional design of the helmet.

Once you have raised the question of who will run a test, Scott promptly says, “No” before the Eye of the Hawk to become available as a volunteer. This scene was then filmed again to include a better explanation to the main team of time travel.

Another deleted scene from Avengers: Endgame depicts for the first time an alternate version of the Hulk and the Old that meet for the first time: instead of seeing the Hulk, who jumps on the roof of the Sanctum Sanctorum after the Old has deleted some of the alien Chitauri, in this version the Old is very relaxed.

Indeed, we can see in this scene an alternative to the Ancient (played by Tilda Swinton) stay comfortably seated while sipping a drink, and it also seems that you are having fun!

But the Old is also fully aware of the impending visit of the Hulk and what he wants in this version: it is not surprised to see him land on the roof and tells him that look Strange is a lost cause, because it has no knowledge of the Gem of Time. This drives the Hulk to ask him who it is before the scene ends.

This sequence is not used is one of those scenes that were filmed multiple times for the Avengers: Endgame, as the subsequent work of photography has brought the scenes of the Hulk and the Old in a different direction from the point of view of tonal.

The deleted scene later shows another alternative version of the conversation of the Hulk and the Old on the journey back in time, before the scene was shot again for the film. In the original version of this scene shown on the Disney +, the differences are obvious right from the start.

Hulk is there to talk about with the Old, showing how the latter can not ever separate the astral form of the Banner from the body of the Hulk to have a conversation more pleasant. Apart from this change, the scene also includes a longer conversation about time travel and about what the Old has already seen.

The Former confesses that the potential for Thanos to cause chaos was manifested soon, but has not acted on the potential of his problems. To the question of why this decision has been taken, the Old tells Hulk that if he had always acted in advance of his experiments range would never have gone beyond the theory on a blackboard.

This leads the two to discuss in an appropriate manner about the options and the rules of time travel to reverse what Thanos has already done in the past of the Hulk. It is interesting to note that believe that their actions in the past change directly in the future, but this detail is not present in the final version of Avengers: Endgame.

The Ancient one explains here the logic of the time travel of the film using the same phrase that the Hulk uses to explain the rules to Rhodey and the others in the final cut. Once you have reached a point of agreement, the Hulk discovers that the return of the Gems of the Infinite will prevent the creation of realities branched.

Finally, the Old confirmation that those who have been broken can be saved because they are “out from existence” and not technically dead.

One of the scenes most crucial to the Avengers: Endgame, which was retouched in the final phase was the death of the Black Widow, and the alternate version of the scene shot for the first time can now be viewed on the Disney +.

The scene shows Black Widow and hawkeye on Vormir that discuss about who sacrifice their lives to obtain the Gem of the Soul, but the two are interrupted when the army of Thanos begins to attack them.

The pair is trapped and hawkeye devises a plan of counterattack, but Black Widow is opposed so you can jump over to the ledge and finish this battle. Is hit multiple times as it heads towards the cliff and hawkeye tries to follow her, but he is repeatedly attacked.

This whole part is filmed in slow motion with Black Widow that crawls towards the edge and shoots at an alien right before they kill hawkeye. With Thanos looming in the background, falls from the cliff. However, the final rendering is not perfect in the deleted scene of the death of the Black Widow and the action bizarre have led to a reconsideration of the entire sequence in the final version of Avengers: Endgame.

Disney + has also released the deleted scene “In the Trenches” of the final battle of Avengers: Endgame. The sequence was part of the original idea of gathering all the heroes in the middle of the battle to formulate a plan.

The director Joe Russo says in the track of the comments of the scene that one of the possible scenarios saw the representation of a meeting of the heroes inside the Mirror Size, while the ships of Thanos firing repeatedly on the surface.

Key meetings occur also in this version, such as the one between Iron Man and Spider-Man, while Iron Man also enters into conflict with Doctor Strange. In this case, the reshoot have broken the scene in the little moments scattered throughout the last combat to avoid having a 3-minute break in the middle of the battle.

The last deleted scene is the one where Tony sees a version of adolescence of her daughter Morgan in Soulworld, the World of Souls, after you have popped your fingers. Tony is momentarily confused by who is Morgan before you put together your own identity.

Not, however, passes a lot of time before Tony starts to rethink his decision after having seen part of the life you are leaving behind. However, Morgan reassures him that all will be well even without him.

The scene ends with Tony saying “I love You 3000” to Morgan after having kissed her on the cheek. This sequence was finally deleted from the final version of the film as it wasn't working as originally desired, and had confused the public tester of Avengers: Endgame.

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