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Published on Dec 20, 2019


Panini Comics offers a monumental Omnibus that contains all of the material that the great John Byrne created in the early nineties in the series the Avengers and West Coast Avengers. These stories did discuss, and aroused controversy, but with the benefit of hindsight proved to be seminal, and several authors were inspired. These were made in the period in which the Marvel was directed by Tom De Falco, the one who had replaced the controversial Jim Shooter.

Byrne had left Marvel in the mid-eighties because of disagreements with the latter. When De Falco became the editor-in-chief of the publishing house called, then, Byrne, offering a number of periodicals and promising him the greatest creative freedom. With the benefit of hindsight it was not so, because many of the ideas of Byrne proved to be, at least for the era, too radical, so much so that at one point the author left the monthly of the Avengers, not having the ability to go further.

In any case, Byrne was head of the Avengers and West Coast Avengers at that time were the monthly main website. The group of superheroes more powerful than the earth was divided into two teams, one who was acting in New York and the other based in California, and the line-up was constantly changing. Byrne was, therefore, aware of being able to play with a huge number of characters and sbizzarrì, in particular with Avengers West Coast written by him and drawn (the Avengers, instead, he saw only the text, while the drawings were of the late Paul Ryan).

With the nn. 42-57 of the Avengers West Coast, Byrne focused on the Vision and the Scarlet witch. Connecting to events of the past, tells the story of the kidnapping of the sintezoide by the u.s. government, for reasons that will be explained in the volume, has changed, becoming more cold and robotic than usual. This is the first shocking trauma that Scarlet, his wife, will have to face. As the episodes follow one another, in fact, the witch, the mutant will have to do with Wonder Man in love with her and with the mysteries of the scary pertaining to his children.

Behind all this there is Corrections, which has concocted a plan terrible to the damage of Wanda, but the game will also Magneto, the father of the Scarlet witch, Mr. Pandemonium and Mephisto. Soon, the mental balance of the woman becomes more and more precarious and eventually goes insane, becoming an evil and a true danger to humanity. The idea of a Scarlet criminal and psychopath was really too much for the Marvel universe and the boss of the publishing house prevent him from Byrne to continue, replacing it with Roy and Dann Thomas, who, in nn. 60-62 will bring back the character in a setting that is more traditional.

But the assumptions of narrative introduced by Byrne will be then taken up years later by Brian Michael Bendis with the consequences that we know. That's why the West Coast Avengers is an important series, signed by Byrne in the state of grace that offers texts and dialogues incisors and designs plastic and dynamic level was very high. As I have already written, the author plays with the Marvel Universe in its entirety, by logging on to crossovers like Atlantis Attacks! and Acts of Vengeance, making the debut of the weird Avengers of the Great Lakes in the n. 46 and by invoking the Human Torch Original in no. 50.

The volume contains nos. 305/318 of the Avengers. Here Byrne made a more conventional, and merely narrate the classic stories by toni supereroici and using a large cast of magistrates in tights. Byrne has fun with creations of various types, such as Men Lava, Blaastar and the Eternal. But once again had problems with leaders when Marvel settled into a story-line that would mark the entrance of the Spider-Man among the ranks of the Avengers. The publishing house objected, Byrne left the series, and touched Fabian Nicieza conclude the story. But for the umpteenth time the seeds left had long-term effects, since Peter Parker is, in fact, part of the Avengers. The drawings of Paul Ryan are less plastic than usual, because of the chine excessively dark and dense, of however good Tom Palmer.

The Omnibus also includes the annual no. 4 of Avengers West Coast, linked to the plots set in the series, regular-n. 23 Avengers Spotlight where Byrne, who was assisted by Kieron Dwyer, tells the first adventure of the new Vision, and a short excerpt from the no. 6 of the satirical What The ?!, delicious tease of a crossover Act of Revenge that gives Byrne the opportunity to propose a cartoonish style. Ultimately, this volume is to keep an eye on and is a must for fans of Byrne and Avengers.

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