Avalanche of new releases with patch 1.0.6 of Destiny 2: output, changes and improvements to endgame

Published on Oct 29, 2017

With the usual round of weekly home Bungie, the software house has announced that next week will be available the patch 1.0.6 of Destiny 2. What will be “adjusted” will be the first Crucible and the rule of clemency, more details in the list below. The changes are many, in particular to the reduction or the increase of certain scores of Confrontation, Control, Survival, and Supremacy.

The output of this patch for Destiny 2 is set to a generic “next week”, hopefully as soon as possible. Here is the list of all the changes


Bungie has solved the problem of collision detection of the emote Step of the bureaucrat.

The players ended up too often in the public spaces empty, also fixed this

The crucible

The rule of clemency has been updated, now is activated slightly later within the game,so you can use it in most cases.


Reduced the maximum from 75 to 50


Reduced the maximum score from 100 to 90

Also reduced the influence of the controlled areas of the enemy on the system return.


Reduced the time limit each round to 3 to 2 minutes

Reduced the number of lives from 8 to 6


Increased the maximum score from 50 to 70

When you kill an enemy you earn one point

Placed the influence of the seals enemies on the system return

In addition to this, Bungie has announced a long series of other novelties


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