Ava Phillippe has a boy identical to her father


Published on Jun 12, 2019


Photo: @ Instagram/ Ava Phillippe

Apparently the story according to which women would seek a man identical to their dad would not be only a rumor. At least not for Ava Phillippe who, according to many, would have found a guy that was identical to his father Ryan.

The gossip has exploded after the blonde, was born during the marriage of the actor with Reese Witherspoon, and shared on social a shot made last weekend in which is shown right next to his boyfriend.

Brown hair, sly smile and clear skin: the people of the web is in no doubt, the guy is friend to the protagonist to father Ryan, at the time of “Cruel Intentions”.

We we put them to comparison. Look at the photos below and let us know if you notice a certain similarity between the two.

Ryan Phillippe VS the boyfriend of his daughter, Ava




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