Aukey: two interesting accessories available on Amazon


Published on Jul 02, 2018


Today we want to talk to you about two accessories very nice made by Aukey. It is a charging station Qi for devices that support the wireless charging, and an ergonomic mouse for those who use very long-the computer.

Let's start with the charging station. Its only flaw is the lack of support quick charge but the rest of the we may define perfect. The block in question, in fact, provides a maximum of 5W, but features a very nice design.

In fact, design is a winner of the iF Design Award for 2018 in the category of charging devices. It is a base which is very compact with a good choice between proportions and materials.

Works with all devices Qi also with cases up to 3mm, and supplements the protections against overheating and short circuit.

A good product that can accompany you at home and in the office, if the speed of charging will satisfy you like the design. We find it on Amazon at a price of 31,99€.

Buy the Wireless charger

We then turn to an ergonomic mouse, available for less than 25€ on Amazon. It is a product that turns out to be a good compromise between comfort and functionality.

The design is developed to be ergonomic, then to strain less the wrist and try to prevent nuisances and disturbances. It comes with six buttons that perform all the operations that we will want to your computer (on Mac you will need to install a software for customizing the buttons – there are many alternatives in the network).

The connection is via a USB dongle and once connected, we will be able to adjust the mouse DPI in order to adapt it to our needs, from productivity to gaming.

There are also LEDS that brighten and illuminate the product. If you don't like, you can easily turn them off by the dedicated button underneath the product. Not missing the auto sleep mode to save the battery power in a simple and immediate way.

Buy the mouse

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