Aukey: here's a wireless charger perfect for iPhone 8 and iPhone X


Published on Dec 13, 2017


Aukey has made an interesting product to charge wireless on all smartphones compatible Qi. We talk about a wireless charger really perfect to use on a desk. Let's find out below in our full review.

Chargers wireless chargers wireless. Yes, now the boom has exploded and more and more interesting solutions appear on the market. We want to offer you always the most interesting products, in order to provide you with our direct experience with the charging and reduce the confusion on the chargers. That's why we want to speak today about a new interesting solution made by Aukey, perfect for those who use the smartphone on the desk.

This charger supports clearly the standard Qi to be fully compatible with the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X, as well as with most of the Android smartphones.

At the level of design, this charger is very pleasant to keep on your desk, thanks to its dual function charger and stand. This product is very elegant and clean, which allows then to those who frequently work at the computer to charge the smartphone and to make it immediately ready to the consultation, in addition to support in the way of immediate unlocking by Face ID. The lines are nice, as well as the satin base.

The block in question supports the smartphone in both horizontal and vertical, thanks to the three coils, the inner, and very balanced with the weight of the iPhone, including the iPhone 8 Plus.

There is one flaw worth mentioning, however, that might not be crucial for all users, but that clearly makes the product less versatile compared to some competitors. Although it is really perfect to use on a desk, as we said in the title, this wireless charger supports only the standard charging (5W), and thus can't take advantage of the Quick Charge from the 10W.

This is the only flaw that we have noticed, for the rest of the accessory is really recommended. You need to clearly evaluate it according to your needs and understand if the rapid charging is a key characteristic. If you are interested, the product is available 21,99€ on Amazon.

If you are looking for other solutions for wireless charging, here you can see the list of many other chargers recommended by us.

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