Attractive good H&M from 250 euro: the scam via a WhatsApp message, a few tips

Published on Sep 15, 2017

Could not fail to appeal to the good H&M from € 250 offered through a WhatsApp message? Of course not, what a question guys. After the scams that have taken advantage of the name and the visibility of LIDL, Zara, Auchan and Ikea in these last days, here is also the one related to the famous chain of Swedish clothing, unfortunately, very widespread.

The text of the WhatsApp message which promises you the elusive good H&M contains a link to well-structured that leads to a landing page, stuffed in turn with a questionnaire which you are required to answer (the purpose is to dispel a little of the attention of the victim), and then reshare it with other 10 contacts in your address book (hence the virality of the message, WhatsApp carrier the discount voucher H&M).

Once you open the link, you could end up contracting viruses of various kinds, to see that the remaining credit is dried up for the activation inconsulta of the various subscription services, or even worse, stolen personal data, for who knows what sinister purpose.

What to do to not fall into the trap? First of all, to verify the validity of the offer: in general, anyone who promises or offers discounts with the greatest of ease, as in the case of the good H&M from € 250, it is pushed by a second end. If you care, check the thing, by asking directly to a consultant, headed the company in question, or by visiting the official website and the social channels of the brand (if there is no trace of a promotion so succulent, then it is obvious it is a fake orchestrated to circumvent the good faith of the victims).

To break the chain action is required choral: delete the WhatsApp message carrier, the good H&M (or any other brand) and immediately notify the contact that you placed the order. Falling into the trap is very simple, but also to combat the phenomenon through the collective information. If you have any questions, just ask us :)


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