Attack of the Giant revealed two extra scenes of the second season animated in VR!


Published on Aug 18, 2017


Starting today, August 18, 2017, in Japan it is available the edition Home Video Blu Ray-DVD of the second part of the episodes (from 6° to 12°, or from 32° to 37°) taken from the second season of the animated de The Attack of the Giants, based on the manga same name written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, and the box will also include two bonus scenes that make in the virtual reality.

In the first we see Levi as he talks to the new recruits, in the second, instead, there is the confession of Mikasa to Eren that we saw in episode 37. Both scenes are reproduced with a ratio of 360°. Here they are below:

The box DVD-Blu-Ray also includes a box that represents a scene at the end of the second season of the animated, a booklet, a bonus, the soundtrack official of the season, info on the characters, and also a ticket for the early access to the box office of the special event on October 29 at Tokyo Dome based on the franchise. Here is the box and other contents of the Home edition Video:

#AttackOnTitan Season 2 – Volume 2 is out today in Japan!

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In Japan the first part of the box DVD-Blu Ray of the second season animated is available from the 21st of June. Click here to find out the details. In Italy, instead, the first box arrives on November 8, thanks to Dynit.

The second season of the animated, produced by Wit Studio, is composed of 12 episodes total.

“Eren Jaeger vowed to sweep away up to the last Giant, but in a battle for life has become the thing he hates most in the world. With his new powers, he fights for the freedom of humanity of the face of the monsters that threaten his home. After a victory in the sweet and sour against the Giant Female, Eren has no time to rest because a horde of Giants, the approaching Wall Rose... the battle to protect humanity continues!”

Shingeki no Kyojin is a manga of the Shonen genre horror, fantasy and action, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. In Japan, manga is published (monthly) from September 2009 by Kodansha in the magazine Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. To date, have been published in 96 chapters, and the first 94 are collected in 23 volumes (click here to see the main cover).

In Italy, the manga is published by Planet Manga, and the 22nd volume will arrive on the 14th of September 2017.

The manga inspired an animated series that aired for two seasons: the first in 2013, consisting of 25 episodes; the second in 2017 with 12 episodes. The episodes you can view for free on vvvvid.en.

The third season will arrive in the spring of 2018. Here to review the preview. Finally, there are three new animated special based on the novel spin-off The Attack of the Giants — the Lost Girls. Will arrive in a DVD, respectively, on December 8, 2017 April 9, 2018, and on August 9, 2018.

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Attack of the Giant revealed two extra scenes of the second season animated in VR! is




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