Attack Dortmund, the German fans are home to those of the Monk in their homes

Published on Apr 12, 2017

The attack and damage of the bus of Borussia Dortmund, last night, has shaken once again Europe, unable to avoid similar facts. Great heart, however, is the one shown by the German fans after the postponement of the quarter final of the Champions League between Borussia and Munich, have hosted in their houses, for the night, the French fans. If Juventus yesterday he defeated three-zero-Messi and friends, today will be played also Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid Leicester. Attack Dortmund, the German fans are home to those of the Monk in their homes. The most beautiful answer to yesterday's attack on the Dortmund gave the German fans who, after the postponement of the match, they decided to host hundreds of French fans of the Monk, stopping in the German city to go to the stadium this evening, at 18.45, when you will play Borussia Dortmund-Munich. The attack that hit yesterday evening, the coach of the German team, where it remained for the injured Marc Bartra, so he did evolve into a solid friendship between the supporters of the house and the house of the Monk. And’ statpo Borussia launch a proposal to its supporters: “Open the doors of your home and give hospitality to the French fans to allow him to attend the game”. A call launched through the hashtag #bedforawayfans (a bed for the visiting fans) and on Twitter has been a great success. So many, in fact, the fans of Dortmund have joined and posted on social network the pictures in the company of new friends the French. All united against terrorism. The bombing and the investigation. Three bombs have exploded in front of the bus of Borussia Dortmund as the team headed toward the stadium for the match of Champions League against Monaco. The explosives were hidden in a hedge. Other suspicious items were found in and around the hotel of Borussia Dortmund, during the controls. The police is now verifying if there is a track islamic radical, but is also evaluating a claim of environments anti-fascists. According to Sueddeutsche Zeitung, NDR and WDR, in the letter of claim, found near the bus refers to the attack on a Christmas market in Berlin and to the missions of the Tornado, the germans in Syria. Investigators in germany are, however, verifying the second claim, probably coming from environments anti-fascists. “It was an attack aimed at the team of Borussia Dortmund,” said Gregor Lange, head of the police in Dortmund.”The motive is not yet clear, he added, and nothing can be excluded, not even the worst case scenarios”.

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