Atlas Rises: a year after the launch finally comes the multiplayer aspect of No Man's Sky!


Published on Aug 12, 2017


Here are all the news of Atlas Rises in the update 1.3 of No Man's Sky has just been released by Hello games

Almost exactly one year since the launch of No Man's Sky, the controversial game of Hello Games about space exploration, comes the third full-bodied update totally free, Atlas Rises, which is added to the previous Foundation and Path Finder.

If the first two patches were added to the game the ability to build bases on the planets and use a variety of types of land vehicles, Atlas Rises introduces some important changes to the structure of the game, with the objective to make it more similar to what is presented in the various (and disappointed) preview last year.

The first novelty is introduced, perhaps one of those most anticipated ever, is the possibility to cooperate between players!

Finally a semblance of multiplayer, and this new feature allows you to tackle missions and interact with other pilgrims, spatial, real-time, up to 16 for a time, with the possibility of exploring the planets in the company.

This is quite a step forward compared to the experience solo lived up to now, it's just a pity that, at the time, the other players are not displayed in game with their character for real, but with a sort of floating marbles, according to me also a tad disturbing. We are facing an idea of multiplayer is not perfect, but definitely better than nothing!

Other juicy news is the introduction of a campaign lasting about 30 hours. Players will be able to give much more meaning to their wandering without end for the galaxy, learning at the same time many interesting elements pertaining to the lore of No Man's Sky, as, for example, who created the sentinels and why (what is that, in fact, I always wonder) and many more details on the breeds that we already know.

The storyline of Atlas Rises has enabled us to introduce a new alien race interdimensional with whom we have to do, then, on this front, it seems to me a lot of good stuff.

Also the map galactic has been reworked to the bottom, making the planning of our interstellar travel easier and more convenient.

Thanks to the update that you can see on the map many more data regarding the various systems, keeping track of the presence of resources, trade or any conflicts.

It will also be possible to filter the list of systems is also dependent on the presence and type of life forms, allowing us to choose with a certain precision, such as planets go, the planets that will be much more diversified than before, thanks to the introduction of new biomes, which seems to become ever more exotic and rare as one approaches the center of the Universe.

Exploring the various planets, thanks to Atlas Rises, we will be able to also come across the wreckage of giant ships crushed, completely explorable and saccheggiabili.

We will also be at the disposal of useful tools for terraforming, being able to go so to change considerably, some portions of the territory, something that will be very useful for finding rare resources and other curiosities buried.

The update has also introduced a system of missions independent of the storyline, randomly generated and assegnateci from some Guilds Space of varied nature. When accepting a mission, it will be recorded in our interface as each brava secondary mission worthy of the name. The same interface has been improved than before, as well as various log mission, pages of discovery, travel, etc.

Last, but certainly not less important, there are the improvements to the system of flight, both in space and in atmosphere, with noticeable improvements of the maneuverability of our ships as well as the AI that controls our potential adversaries.

Therefore, it will be much more challenging to face a duel between starships. If up to now the fighting took place only in space, now you can also duel in the atmosphere, which (finally!) will also influence on the manoeuvrability.

It seems that they also improved the collisions with the elements of the terrain, but I have not yet had the opportunity to check (you know, I'm a pilot skilled I am! Lol!).

In addition to these major changes, the update Atlas Rises has also contributed to a myriad of upgrades to “minor” to the game, both on the front graphics, and basic physics, to the structures and to the creation of the procedural universe in which to move.

In fact, the update turns out to be a good job, and, if we are not yet facing the game that there was “introduced” last year, we are still approaching. Time to time, and have a good trip!

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