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Published on Oct 31, 2019


1/4Gianni Rodari - Emanuele Luzzati, Atalanta, Einaudi2/4Gianni Rodari - Emanuele Luzzati, Atalanta, Einaudi3/4Gianni Rodari - Emanuele Luzzati, Atalanta, Einaudi4/4Gianni Rodari - Emanuele Luzzati, Atalanta, Einaudi

Gianni Rodari his hand only once to the stories of the Greek myths, and made it with the story of Atalanta, a mythical heroine and the rebel of the beginning of the literature.

Rodari takes the hand of the text and, thanks to his gift as a storyteller, theatrical, sets the scene for this stories, eternal and other times, it does so with a profound respect for the sources and traditions, but it makes it personal, his own narrative through dialogues, comments, thoughts... Rodari accompanies the characters in the scene, turns in a fatherly way to his readers, is the interpreter and voice of the thoughts of his characters. Read the story of Atalanta is transformed, therefore, into an experience that is very reminiscent of the catharsis which the ancient greeks lived when you were sitting in the theater.

Atalanta, daughter, divorced, born in the place of the much-desired first-born male, is cruelly abandoned by real father: a fate not so exceptional, at the time, if it were not that a bear decides to take care of the small. Atalanta grows so wild and wild, far away from the men, and when he enters in the court of the woods of Diana, her life did not change much: "it was a tunic and short hair, the bow, the arrows, the dog. Was happy". But the fascination of the human world calls her, than with her companions, the nymphs, so one day, Atalanta and towards the Calidonia to hunt a wild boar which is spreading devastation and horror. In a world that is totally male-dominated, the figure of Atalanta stands out for pride and charm: a woman who leaves for the hunt, together with the bravest of heroes of the time and beats them for strength and dexterity, and killing the trophy never seen before.

The plot summed up, mind you, does not do justice to the unique flavor that the author gives to the text: the small singular incidents, the description of the spaces, the dialogues full of scenes that intertwine and play at the same time. The stage narrative is populated by characters that are well-characterized that move, talk and act by defining progressively the figure of each, Rodari intervenes every now and then with a function that is so reminiscent of the choruses of the Greek theatre.

"King Eneo traveled with the look on the crowd of hunters that were waiting for his signal. [...] Poor old Eneo, how many misfortunes await you. But, apart from accidents, what do you know of the heroes who look forward to a your signal to go? There are among them, Castor and Pollux, sons of the same mother, Leda, the beloved of Jupiter, who has turned himself into a swan to approach her. The sister of Pollux was Helen, the wife of king Menelaus: Paris one day, the rapture..."

In the myth, the love, the deception, the justice, the magic, the madness, the passion, the misunderstandings, the tragedies are intertwined and is no exception the story of Atalanta, which, while triumphant in the hunt, seems to remain impressed by the love for Meleager.

The adventures do not stop and after the hunt triumphant, behold, the young woman embark on the ship together with the Argonauts. The characters and the encounters are not random and do not follow a chronological development, the author intertwines the different moments and characters in such a way that each light direction: Argo Atalanta will meet Hercules, in an indirect way will ensure that the girl is able in the end to yield to the love, the friendship of Theseus teach you how to Atalanta that men know how to use cunning...

The story, as happens in the myths, he could get lost in the thousand gorges of the events that overlap, but Rodari keeps the route: he wants to tell the extraordinary life of a girl.

"The journey continued. We do not have the time, here, to report everything that Atalanta saw, the events of which he was a witness, the businesses of all the heroes..."

The meeting with Medea will be a further step in the definition of the personality of the protagonist: she will never give in to the deception, nor will never be accused of cowardice. The return from the company on the Argo will be an opportunity for Atalanta to reconnect to the father and his kingdom, and finally to become a woman, accepting – in his own way – to get married.

The myth of Atalanta is an exciting story of adventure, love and growth without compromise (even on the wedding!), Rodari does this with his style to make it the “theatre”, live.

Vocabulary balance, rich, multi-faceted, of Course it is a security, a treasure which the progressive flattening of the modern fails to capture in its beauty, ancient and still. Illustrations, scenic artist Emanuele Luzzati, complete a edition, wonderful.

A heroine to know who chases his dreams with integrity, a history of a thousand faces, an author who requires no introduction. By the age of 8 years in autonomy and before sharing.

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