At the Film festival comes Foodopolis: Apulia in the flat and Rome is served

Published on Sep 23, 2016

At the Rome Film Festival will eat the puglia region. This is the new wine that will find lovers of the festival from the red carpet, from 13 to 23 October, will make Rome the capital of world cinema. Arriving at the Auditorium Parco della Musica Foodopolis, a sort of temporary food corner dedicated to the pleasures of the palate and the intelligence cuisine with a proposal almost mythological that will meet the apulian tradition and the roman one in the location of double the history and the same roots.

The identity of food the whole of puglia, or orecchiette, burrata di Andria, Altamura bread, bowlers and capocollo of Martina Franca, call the historical tradition of the native roman due to the presence of the special guest for the important scenario of the capitol. Contamination of the taste that, from the slang of Roma gourmet you overlook the flavors in the sauce, turnips and anchovies. A film fresh culinary and rich of surprises, discoveries and special guests ready to give quality and flavor to the Village Cinema.

Strategy and operations will be by Noao, a company dedicated entirely to the management of the services of the food industry, that provides consultancy services for the food and wine and the organization of events side-by-side shaving&Hair is a company that specialized in communication projects and a signatory of the post-stylistic production ready for this year to decline the communication gastronomic in the language that gave birth to Domenico Modugno. And wonderful will it be to the parterre proposed by Noao in the 10 days that will see the Puglia taste on the road in the Village of Cinema.

Among the main actors, and you like extras, the food, to be revealed in the coming days, behind the direction and coordination of the Noao, there will be Paolo Parisi, farmer-heretic – as he likes to call himself – partner of the company pugliese and front man for the undisputed of the identity of Italian cuisine. Parisi will offer its kitchen, welcoming guests who will play with him a melting pot of gastronomic cultures.

Foodopolis, inside the Auditorium Parco della Musica, will split his soul into two equal halves: an area purely lounge dedicated to the Capital and an area dedicated to the food of puglia in the version smart. Rome&Puglia, Together for the Film Festival.


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