At St. Patrick's, millions of people sbaffano a Guinness

Published on Mar 08, 2016

From a long time the Guinness is associated with the feast of the patron Irish Saint Patrick. So much so that in that day, the 17th of march, the beer consumption doubles in all countries in which it is distributed. The uniqueness of stout he soon promoted to the icon, one of the few products in the world.

The recurrence of St. Patrick today, no longer has a national scope, but also thanks to the many irish emigrants abroad, has become an international celebration. Entire districts of many cities, the hues of the colors of the irish flag and beer and stout flows to the rivers. This year, Guinness launched a new campaign to celebrate st Patrick's with its most devoted drinkers: #GuinnessTache. Or, better, invites all of you to share the “smudge” on social, that will of selfie and photo of the fans that sbaffano a Guinness. An opportunity to enjoy the new you enter the home, dublin: the West Indies Porter and the Dublin Porter. The second born from the rediscovery of a recipe of 1796. The recipe of the West Indies, however, dates back to a few years after, in 1801. It was created as a beer designed for sailors and adventurers, so should last for a long time, even several weeks, as was the case with the cross, and the ocean. For this contains high hops and has an alcohol content rather high (6%). “We are the only brewers in the world who roast the barley-house”, explains the brand ambassador Lorenzo Calia, “the key ingredient that gives the beer its characteristic color and aroma is unique and unmistakable. We use about twice the normal hops and our yeast selection Guinness to give the beer more flavor and more intensity.”


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