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Published on Sep 25, 2019


The XXVI edition of Romics, the international festival dedicated to comics, animation, games, entertainment, cosplay and crossmedia that will be held at the Nuova Fiera di Roma Via Portuense 1645/647 from 3 to 6 October 2019, will reserve a nostalgic surprise to all those who in the 90's that followed the cartoons in the local broadcaster of the Super 3.

Saturday, October 5, in fact, The return e-Mail of Sonia — the historic corner where the tv presenter Sonia ceriola's sanctuary, flanked by the robot One, reading letters from viewers:

Those who grew up in the centre of Italy in the 90's, sure, jealously guarded in my heart the memory of “La Posta di Sonia”, the angle in which the robot Birillo was read the correspondence of the young viewers of the issuer of the Super 3. In the living room television, there was Sonia in the company of the youngest authors of those press letters and between a chat and the other were tossed in the mythical series of animation.

Saturday, October 5 on the stage of Romics will be possible to relive those moments. Sonia, in fact, read e-mail never sent, letters new and will mostly be in the company of ex-grown-up children to “bread and cartons of Super3”, today well-known professionals: Virginia Salucci (cartoonist Shockdom), Manuel Meli (the voice and Aladdin, Peeta of the Hunger Games), the Raggi Fotonici (authors of TV soundtracks for Cartoon Network, Rai). Ready to sing with them, “The hour of the night”?

Now you can write your letter to the Mail of Sonia Reloaded,

Sonia may read it in front of an audience of Romics!

Hurry, you have time until the 1 October. Your letter may be among the 10 selected!

Fill out the registration form and come to the event that will be held on Saturday 5 October at 18:15 at the Pala Romics - Large Room Events and Screenings pad.8

Fun, excitement, music and colour are waiting for you!

At Romics back to The e-Mail of Sonia is




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