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Published on Apr 16, 2020


Michael Bardeggia

Among the protagonists of the next illustrators exhibition of the Bologna Children's Book Fair we get acquainted with Michael Bardeggia, of pesaro, who has recently shown an original rewrite of the Wizard of Oz.

→ You can follow him through his website or through Instagram.

Waiting to see his works exhibited at the exhibition of illustrators, here's what she answered to our short questions. Thanks!

Bardeggia Michael

1) what does it mean to you to illustrate?

For me, illustration is a form of language that is universal and profound that it allows me to communicate to the reader what I cannot express in words. Inside of my illustrations is as if the characters moved in a slow and natural way, where the viewer contemplates the image, by entering into a relationship with it, and let yourself be transported into that space untouched, real, emotions, memories and feelings.

2) how do you work?

When I make a table illustrated always start from a rich research material relating to what I shall accomplish by identifying a few key words. Once identified, I proceed to the design phase with sketches and study of the colour palette. Then, step on the first draft of the tables in the final where the written text is always present with some of the notes I write next to the drawing to always remember the purpose of what I need to accomplish. Finished the table with the pencil, delete everything in the drawing and use the groove on the left as a trace, and start to paint as if I was designing from new. The colors that I use to play and mix between them, whilst maintaining their strong personality, which is its transparency.

3) what do you love about your job?

The thing I love about my job is the silence that surrounds me. A "natural time" and slow in which I learn new things every day more and more curious, the observer and the innate spontaneity of a child.

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