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Published on Apr 22, 2020


Marta_Lonardi – photo by Anna Knights

Among the protagonists of the next illustrators exhibition of the Bologna Children's Book Fair, today is the day of Martha, the Seller, the illustrator of mantua and Modena. Is an art therapist and "experience (also) creative processes aimed at the production of shows in both locations of expression in which to combine the different visual languages and the use of the body".

→ You can follow her through her website or through Instagram.

Waiting to see his works exhibited at the exhibition of illustrators, here's what she answered to our short questions. Thanks!

Martha Seller

1) what does it mean to you to illustrate?

Find the shape of a pile of thoughts are often confused; these, in the head, cling and sting, once on paper, the less each one has the space to have their say.

2) how do you work?

Often I start walking, then come the drafts in pencil, and then it is the turn of colours and trim. During the whole process, arise and alternate with a lot of pictures, even different among them, then comes a which I feel to be right, at least for that moment. So I'll stop.

3) what do you love about your job?

I think that the most beautiful thing is the feeling I get when the images are starting to take the “turn right”. In that moment, in images and so I find that I can live in a thousand different places, and in other hundred lives, is how to travel in time.

Work also conducting workshops and workshops, is of illustration of art therapy, and each time it's a kind of magic when we discover that we are able to communicate through images, even if they are small signs; they are often much, much more powerful than a thousand words.

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