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Published on Apr 14, 2020


Federica Garlic

Today I start to introduce you to the protagonists of the next illustrators exhibition of the Bologna Children's Book Fair: this year will have a unique form of online business!

The choice of an essential form, and almost dry to the interview is designed to bring out the differences and peculiarities of each in the synthesis are most obvious.

Let's start with Federica Garlic. Of herself, she says "I like to create a design that has character and personality and that reflects my references: surrealism, expressionism, gypsy punk music".

→ You can follow her on Instagram, also in his project self-Portrait by 2018, and in its collective self-Head Imperfect

Waiting to see his works exhibited at the exhibition of illustrators, here's what she answered to our short questions. Thanks!

Garlic Federica

1) what does it mean to you to illustrate?

For me to illustrate and draw is a necessity. I need to tell stories that help me understand more of my personal journey and artistic. I always try to talk about things that concern me, even if indirectly, trying to convey to the reader my personal world and identity. What I'm seeking with my illustrations is always something new and original that could only belong to me, but that it can be shared with those who choose to read my books.

2) how do you work?

When I start a new illustration, I always think of part of a book project or a story. I don't storyboard and I don't think a short story is defined, but to draw someone or something I need to know what that person will do it, why can exist on the sheet, and then give the drawing a “reason to live”. I like to arrange the story before drawing, I just need a general line of the story and then let me drive it from the drawing. When I start to draw I don't do preparatory drawings, I paint directly with the brush on the paper. With this method I have no idea what bait on the sheet, in the act of drawing is in progress at all: I drive the brush but in the end he does a little bit as he wants. With this way of acting is the same sign that adds something to the story.

3) what do you love about your job?

Of this work I love the ability to create something from nothing that can have a thousand different lives in the many hands who will read that particular story, that particular book or see that particular drawing.

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