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Published on Apr 17, 2020


André Ducci

Among the protagonists of the next illustrators exhibition of the Bologna Children's Book Fair we get acquainted with André Ducci Bittencourt, who has recently illustrated an edition is very rich and de The jungle book, where the tables are just the ones that are selected in Bologna.

→ You can follow him through Behance or through Instagram.

Waiting to see his works exhibited at the exhibition of illustrators, here's what she answered to our short questions. Thanks!

Bittencourt Ducci André

1) what does it mean to you to illustrate?

My works can be born from two different needs. When a work I commissioned, I must understand the topic to explain and to take account of the ideas and references data from the customer. If it is a work of creative staff, a work of the author, is probably already the result of something that has inspired me over the last few days or months, and that, suddenly, I need to share. The source of inspiration for me and can lurk behind every thing, a conversation heard in a bar or a bike ride for example. After you have processed the ideas, I sketch on paper and then the scannerizzo to finish in Photoshop. I like to work with a few colours because I love the challenge of their combinations, it is like a puzzle!

3) what do you love about your job?

Designing is a amazing thing! Many times an idea that you have in your head become something different on the paper. The freedom and possibility in the course of the implementation process are so many that make the job very fun.

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