Asks the girlfriend to marry him at the supermarket

Published on Apr 05, 2018

When you imagine a future groom in the knee ready to ask for the hand of his beautiful you think of a romantic, poetic, a beautiful sunset, a place of the heart, or a particularly beautiful and picturesque, between the walls of the house with a nice dinner, and on the shore of the sea, long may continue, what is certain that nobody would think never in a supermarket.

Yet it is success in Milan, at the Crossing of Via Ripamonti, Riccardo strictly knelt between the shelves and lanes has asked Sara to marry him.

Everything is organized, don't you think a sudden rush of Richard, before he asked in the supermarket if it was feasible since, for them, that place was especially dear.

Riccardo thanks to the support and assistance of the staff has everything organized, he and the future bride, Sara, are to be found at the supermarket for a wine tasting, after closing time, so without the customers, in the solitude of the lanes, Richard knelt and made the fateful question.

In the video, which needless to say was quickly seen by thousands of people, the shooting was carried out by an employee in collusion, we see the surprise of Sarah, who laughs excited and head-nods, after a kiss of the ceremony, the staff Esselunga comes out from behind the scenes, applauding the bride and groom.

The future bride and groom after the declaration had dinner in the supermarket next to the department of plants, someone found a romantic, for someone is madness, for others, a nice publicity stunt that Esselunga has been able to take better advantage of, assess you, on the network is easy to find the video.


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