Asia Argento is back, more beautiful and stronger than ever


Published on Sep 18, 2019


New blonde look on Instagram

“I'm back stronger than before,” wrote Asia Argento on his profile on Instagram and we add that in addition to being stronger and even more beautiful. The actress has decided to communicate via social the radical change of her look: from black to blond.

Its more than six hundred thousand followers, you are triggered to leave the comment, the more favorable. There are those who writes that the lack of time, those who commented with: “Queeeeen!!”. A follower immediately notice the change and writes: “Finally! And for more with a look that is super glamorous”.

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Tattoos, physique, Asia Argento shows the muscles because you should know that if the hair color is changed, that blond does not take anything away from the impetuous character of the Silver, and she wants to emphasize with this photo.

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After 5 months of silence social Asia is finally back and things to say about it has if we think of all that has happened in recent times: the case of Weinstein, the death of her partner, Anthony Bourdain, the liaison with the Crown (with a lot of squabble with the mother Daria Nicolodi), and the last for the clash with his former partner Morgan...

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