Asia Argento, fans concerned: the sentence in shock, her face sad and tired

Published on Sep 12, 2018

Asia Argento has left fans straniti with his last rear The beautiful actress has published a post very worrying

Asia Argento returns to the show on the social with a short video between the Stories of Instagram. The fans however were a little straniti.

After the scandal, Bennett, Asia Argento is back on the social. This time, however, his post, left a little straniti fans. A few seconds in which the actress appears faded and curled up to listen to a song, “Still Ill” sung by the Smiths, a sad song that seems to tell her to perfection last period.

The verse chosen to tell her life is:

“Why are there sides light and life and I should know, because I have seen them, but not very often”.

Plan, plan, Asia is recovering and the public is trying to show the public his more human side.

A story of Jimmy Bennett, who has arrived after a period that is already very difficult, with the end of his love story with Anthony Bourdain. Asia is receiving many messages of support for when that happened.

The death of the partner, the charges of Jimmy Bennett and goodbye to the talent show of Sky have heavily marked the actress. This weight is evident in the release posted on the social. Compared to the other post, the latter seems to strongly sad. On the other hand it is understandable, Asia has also been criticized by several colleagues.

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